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11 Killer Profit Hacks

I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking about business and profitability lately, and have realized that most small business people aren’t achieving their fondest dreams for specific a reason… Actually, 11 of them. That’s why I’m sharing the recording of my 11 Killer Profit Hacks with you below. These are, frankly, some of the […]

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13 Ways To Rock Your Webinars and Hangouts

Thinking of doing a webinar / hangout but nervous that you won’t succeed? I can understand – in fact, even after doing literally hundreds of webinars, I always get a little bit nervous before starting each one – not only for the presentation itself, but that all the technical aspects will work out. After all, […]

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The Benefits Of Blogging – Hard Number Evidence

Whenever I have someone ask me what they can do to build their business, I answer with a question: “How’s your blog?” The answer, almost always, is that they could be doing better, or they haven’t started blogging yet (they’re not alone, shockingly, about 38% of marketers don’t even have a blog!) Yet blogging is […]

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Strategy: Why are you in business?

Whenever I hit one of those “bad days” in business, I think back to one of many “special days” in my life. One of them happened about 2 years ago. It was just after the first keynote presentation at a convention when a man and his wife, who I had never met before, came up […]

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Email Clickthroughs: How to increase your email clicks by 20%+

As an online marketer, you know that getting clickthroughs from the emails you send is vital to your profitability. Want to know an incredibly fast and easy way to increase your email clickthroughs by 20% or more? It’s simple, use the simple 4-step CoVER technique. Here are the steps: 1. Co = Copy Start your […]

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Myers-Briggs Via Harry Potter?

Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs Profile test? They’re good, because they give you some personality factors you can use to understand yourself better (and others too!) Here’s a clever infographic that looks at the various Harry Potter characters and what their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator might be. Most of these are pretty accurate, but I […]

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Top 21 Blogging Questions Answered!

Are you just getting started in blogging? Or, do you have a blog and are disappointed in the results you’re getting from it? If either of these is true, I strongly urge you to watch this video, where I answered 21 top questions about blogging that bloggers need to understand if they want to succeed. […]

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The Product Launch Sequence

  As you know, product launches can be incredibly powerful ways to build your list, your positioning, and your profits. The challenge is that many people do them incorrrectly. Here’s an infographic that outlines the 6 steps in a successful product launch sequence. As you review it, pay special attention to the Key to Success […]

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How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings – SEO Infographic

How To Get To The Top of Google Natural Search Rankings – What’s Working In SEO Right Now! People all over the world struggle with how to get to the top of Google’s natural search engine rankings. As you know, that’s always been a moving target, especially with the changes Google has made in the […]

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Marketing: How To Stand Out In the Minds Of Your Customers By Using Unlike Statements

Want to improve your marketing results? Simply start using the word “unlike” in your marketing! “Unlike” is one of the most powerful, yet least used Marketing Magic Words™ available! Here’s how you use it: “Unlike ________ we ___________.” As in Unlike [other competitors] we [do x to help you achieve your objectives.] Before I give […]

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