Email Clickthroughs: How to increase your email clicks by 20%+

Email Clickthroughs

As an online marketer, you know that getting clickthroughs from the emails you send is vital to your profitability.

Want to know an incredibly fast and easy way to increase your email clickthroughs by 20% or more?

It's simple, use the simple 4-step CoVER technique.

Here are the steps:

1. Co = Copy

Start your email with copy. Use regular black type on a white background, the same as an email would look if they were receiving one from a friend. Don't go for all of the fancy logos, newsletter looks, backgrounds, etc., as tests show that they usually DEcrease clickthrough rates.

Of course, all of the usual guidelines of attracting and holding attention apply here, so make your copy excellent!

At the bottom of that copy put a link to a blog post or webpage which contains a video, providing more information that will help them achieve their objectives in your subject area.

2. V = Video Screenshot

This is the magic of the CoVER technique. Include a screenshot from the video that appears on your landing page.

But not just ANY screenshot, use a screenshot that:

  1. Shows a piece of content that makes them want to view the video
  2. [VITAL] Includes a sideways triangle play button on top of the screenshot (Did I tell you this was VITAL? You've got to instantly, visually tell them this is a video. Leave this step out and your clickthroughs will drop.)
  3. Make sure that both the text link above the video AND the screenshot from the video are linked to the target page. People click on both, so don't cheat yourself out of clicks by not linking both!

Here are a few sample video screenshots:

Clickable links in YouTube Videos



3. E = Explanation

Explain what they will get in the video. Your objective here is to get the people who didn't immediately click on the video to go back and do so by showing them the huge value they will be missing out on if they choose not to click on your link.

4. R = Relink

Give them one more version of the text link (use different language this time) to give them one last chance to click. Some people do this in the P.S. at the bottom, our tests have shown that the difference between a link just before your signature and one just after doesn't make a lot of difference, provided that your P.S. is short. If it's long, put the link both just before your signature AND in the P.S.

Logically, your mission here is to start out the email with a personal feel, then grab their attention (remember most people don't read the Internet, they skim it) with a clickable video, then give anyone who doesn't click two more chances to change their mind (with an explanation and a relink) before they leave.

What other techniques have you found that work to increase email clickthroughs? Share by adding a comment below. And don't forget to Share, Like, +1, Tweet, Tumble and Pin this post!

Don Crowther

Don Crowther is a leading marketing, business strategy and online marketing expert. He helps companies ranging from Fortune-500-level giants to entrepreneurs make more money online using proven strategic and marketing techniques.

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