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Customer Knowledge = Targeting = Profits!

I’m known in online marketing circles as a strategic, traffic, conversion and social media guy. But what some of you might not know is that I also have much broader business training and expertise. I want to tell you a little about that background. Please understand that I’m not telling you any of this to […]

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Marketing: How To Stand Out In the Minds Of Your Customers By Using Unlike Statements

Want to improve your marketing results? Simply start using the word “unlike” in your marketing! “Unlike” is one of the most powerful, yet least used Marketing Magic Words™ available! Here’s how you use it: “Unlike ________ we ___________.” As in Unlike [other competitors] we [do x to help you achieve your objectives.] Before I give […]

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Just Go Do This Stuff Weekend Successes!

Recently we held another Just Go Do This Stuff Weekend. In it, we invited people to choose a project that would create a significant change in their business. It was incredibly successful, with the majority of attendees reporting that the projects they completed during the weekend would be worth $50,000 or more in the future! […]

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Your 5 Biggest Online Marketing Questions Answered

In this webinar I taught solutions for each of the 5 most frequently cited issues in my survey of Internet Marketers, including 1. How to get more traffic to your website 2. How to build your list 3. How to get a higher percentage of people who come to your site to optin to your […]

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Are You An Email Marketing Idiot?

Are you an email marketing idiot? Most people are! Because, there’s a huge problem with the way most of us do list-building… It’s based on what we focus on, and I believe that most of us are focusing on exactly the wrong things! Watch this 11-minute video to learn more. httpv://   Here are the […]

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The Next Big Thing Vs. Hype

(And How To Protect Yourself From Grandiose Wastes Of Time!) Jason Fladlien here, and I want to share with you something that will tremendously benefit you both short-term and long-term. In our pursuit to try to earn that life changing income through the internet, we’re always faced with a dilemma of what to focus on. […]

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The 3 Pillars Of Online Marketing

A major key to achieving success is regularly evaluating how you are doing versus your plans. This week, as I was doing so, I realized that 15% of 2013 is now behind us. And I asked myself the question – “Don, are you 15% of the way towards achieving each of your strategic plans for […]

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