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Don Crowther

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Just go do this stuff! Don CrowtherRecently we held another Just Go Do This Stuff Weekend. In it, we invited people to choose a project that would create a significant change in their business.

It was incredibly successful, with the majority of attendees reporting that the projects they completed during the weekend would be worth $50,000 or more in the future!

I challenged everyone to set a goal and complete it before the end of the weekend. If they completed their goal, they get to be promoted here on my post.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and moved their business forward. Please check out their links and congratulate them on their hard work and success!

And here are just a few of the success responses.

Want to join us for the next Just Go Do This Stuff Weekend?

Leave us your name and we’ll let you know (it’s coming up soon!)


Mark Flournoy
With this amazing program I discovered a new gear that let me work and write far faster then I thought previously thought possible. Don’s support and consul gave me the insight, support and fire I needed to keep going. Every serious business person needs a program like this. Also the group support (everyone giving answers, advice and support) was awesome.

Weekend 2: It’s great to have an experienced leader like Don guiding you swiftly ahead. The work accomplished will pay me for years. Don’s coaching and team support made it a fantastic investment. Thanks Don!

Stacey Murphy
I was feeling a little lethargic and uninspired, dreading writing the copy for my new sales page. Sometimes it gets lonely as an entrepreneur, you know what I mean? Don’s energy and inspirational quotes perked me up, and the accountability group offered so many golden nuggets of advice. It was great to be a part of team where everyone wanted everyone to succeed. Hearing Don’s voice say, ‘Let’s Go Do This Stuff!’ just makes me smile even now as I think about it.

Jasmina Ambrus
I have done more work in three days, then i would have in weeks.Not only, but as a result of intense focus during the challenge, my productivity DOUBLED after the weekend.I highly recommend JGDTS weekend!

Steve Kidd
Taking a weekend just for my site is an odd thing.  Typically weekends are when I finalize things for clients and do the work that business day calls interrupt.  A great group of people that are fun to interact with and help a lot to keep you motivated.

Laura DeMeo
Weekend 2: Everything Don does is so helpful and useful, and highly valuable! Not only is he a brilliant marketer, but he is also the most positive, upbeat, and motivating persona and really cares about the people he works with. I wish I could just package him up and have him be my personal mentor and business coach! but his course and his trainings & activities are the next best thing!

Janice Sharp
Well, where to begin? What a fabulous idea and a wonderful project to be involved in. It was a short burst of activity which meant that every body could set themselves achievable tasks -of course, under the watchful guidance of Don Crowther. There was a wonderful atmosphere (if you can have such a thing with people working at such distances across the planet) and the encouragement was really positive and motivating. I really enjoyed reading about other’s tasks and getting a feel for where people are in their business. Even if others were much further along than me (and I think everyone was) just reading about how these stumbling blocks could be over come made me realise a) how hard people are prepared to work and b) that I too could achieve similar ends. Very inspirational! Someone has started a LinkedIn group which I’m joining – need to keep it going.

Paul K. Anderson
Thanks Don for the support and setting up the Just Go Do This Stuff weekend. It was an excellent motivator to get things accomplished. The short webinars were great to keep on track and use as deadlines to get steps accomplished.

Diane Davis
It was very hard to do this because we have a farm, and my husband had plans to do some things that require my help… we got it done, and I quickly did my other tasks, although NOT PERFECTLY. Thank you Don for the push, and the great quotes to keep us going… Now that I’ve started, it feels so great, and I can keep going. Thank you Don!!!

Rebecca Johnson
What a wonderful group of talented and supportive people were gathered to trade ideas and support one another’s success! This is the most engaged group in which I’ve participated. Great work by all!

Jacob Gudger
Had I not registered with this, I probably would have told myself I’d get these things done the next week – then not done them. Didn’t get them 100% completed. Did seriously move the ball forward on some things I was avoiding!

Jim Edward Caudell
Don never fails to deliver valuable content to his followers

Jeff Welsh
It took longer than I had ‘budgeted’ for the weekend. The deadline and peer observation kept me from putting it off.

Meg Calton

Jean Haas
Don, this short, affordable 2 day weekend has been a fabulous idea! I think the fact that we had the factors of accountability with a deadline was the most important thing that worked for me. I’ve also learned from everyone else too.

Jim Gomes
The weekend provided me with the incentive I needed to get my book done. It let me set a deadline and put it out to the world so there was no turning back!

Andrew Pickett
It Worked. I was very productive.

Heather Cameron
This was a great idea, I love a challenge and living up to a commitment. Thanks Don

Amy Maier
Weekend 2: I successfully implemented my opt-in field, and the information was seen and lauded by my biggest supporter, who told me how professional everything looked.

Michael Mehring
It was a great motivational challenge to participate in and the progress reports and input from the group was awesome. Thanks, Mike

David Clive Price
“I’m so proud of you and the progress you’re making. You’re an A* student for sure!” (from my coach, Rachel Henke). I’m a teacher’s pet 🙂

Sue B. Zimmerman
Don has given me the drive and determination to get STUFF done. After meeting Don at Experts Academy it was clear to me that I needed a experienced, passionate mentor to help me navigate the Online Experts space. I am so grateful to be a part of Don’s online community and look forward to seeing everyone succeed at doing what they love. ~Sue B. Zimmerman aka SueB.Do

Allan Mulholland
After first ignoring Don’s call-to-action, I woke up in the middle of the night with this great sense of urgency. I had all the material to create at least one eBook, but I’ve been procrastinating on actually ‘doing this stuff’! So in a moment of ‘insanity’, I decided to commit to completing and publishing both. Once I made the commitment and announced it, I felt accountable to those to whom I made this pledge. I felt totally committed. motivated and energized. And that combination produced the desired result. Don Crowther just laid out enough crumbs for me to follow. It was an amazing experience and a complete turn-around in my business. Thanks Don, for this incredible weekend! Allan N. Mulholland Master Life Coach Author of “The Power of Persona Profiling”

Darla Kirchner
I am honored to be apart of this group. That Don would take time to challenge, encourage and mentor us is a testament to the caliber of this community. Thank you Don for sharing your expertise and pushing us towards our goal to be a part of the expert space. Sincerely, Darla Kirchner

I loved the support of others in the group and I thought Don’s initiative was very creative.

John Bondon
Thanks so much for spearheading this, Don! Was a great idea and I really was impressed with how much you were engaged and interacted with each of us. And the amount you took on this weekend yourself, very inspiring! 🙂 John

Danny Sheehan
Being accountable to many people forced me to take action on a site I have neglected for years.

Catherine O’Donnell
I think Don “hit a nerve” by inviting people to join this group to “Get Stuff Done”. The people who showed up were incredibly helpful to each other and I know it made a difference to me to have that extra bit of accountability. Thanks!

Otto Sipos
Attending the program was quite motivational.

Richard De Laat
The weekend Motivated me to get things done, and the positive “peer” experience was also very Motivating. Highly recommended. Get involved!

Kathleen Scheg
These have been pending for months. Thanks Don for the push to finally get them done.

Estelle Gibson
This was great! I really liked the webinars as they had great content and motivated me. The tips on time wasters was especially beneficial as I eliminated a few of them (tv, multi-tasking) and was much more productive this weekend. The facebook group was another plus as I kept being encourage and inspired by others. Thank you Don!!

Emily Levy
The “Just Go Do This Stuff” weekend was a great reminder to prioritize the project that most needed my attention, and gave me the extra kick to make it happen despite all I had scheduled. Thank you to Don and everyone who participated!

Jessica Li
WOW! Funny how a simple dose of motivation can go so far! Thanks to Don, I managed to launch my first landing page which I’ve been procrastinating for the past 2 months! Don, please hold my hand for the next weekend as well so I can get my next 60 Youtube videos done! So awesome!

Catherine Marechal
It was on Friday that I received Don’s email announcing the productivity weekend. I cringed: it was Mother’s day weekend. Still, I decided to enroll for three reasons. First, the productivity weekend was going in EXACTLY the direction that I keep urging my clients: reserve time to work ON their business. Second, it would give me a boost to my own work. When you create a new product or service, it takes time and over time the initial motivation can become eroded. Finally, I knew from experience the magic of this type of exercise . After the weekend, I am absolutely thrilled by the results. Even though I did not reach my total goal during the weekend itself, I did manage to finish my goal only two days later. I kept my perfectionist streak within reasonable limits (thanks to the tight time limits). I reminded myself that yes, things are not perfect but probably good enough and I can still improve them later. All this gave me a boost of energy, enthusiasm and a live website. Being in the group, knowing other people were also working on their project at the same time, was an important key to the weekend of productivity. Seeing what other people were doing. It works even if you are in a totally different time zone. (I am in Europe and most people were in North America.) If you want to really focus, keep your perfectionist streak on a tight leash and get lots of energy for days after the weekend, I would highly recommend participating in this type of event. (When is the next one?)

Maggie Wall
Thanks Don for a great weekend. It was a lot of work, but forced me to do somethings and make some decisions that I’ve been putting off. I also can say that it appears everyone else in the group got tremendous results. Three things were big this weekend for all of us: Accountability, Time Sensitive Deadline, and Support and ideas from the others in the group. Time well spent! Thanks again, Don.

Audrey Hill
Thanks, Don, for igniting this ‘Just Go Do This Stuff’ Weekend. The energy in the group — and your inspirational quotes — helped me shift ideas from my to-do list and get them launched.I now have two new WordPress sites online that I’ve been wanting to develop for the past six months!

Cherry-Ann Carew
Not only did Don do an outstanding job of putting together the ?Just Go Do This Stuff’ Weekend? challenge, outside of that, he really did an AMAZing job of bringing a group of exceptional people together. It was a pleasure sharing this experience that allowed me to exceed my goals. Thank you, Don!

Anne Asher
So many times I come up with great money making ideas, but for one reason or another I don’t bring them to completion. Don’s Business Productivity weekend was just the kick I needed for getting into action – and for completing- one of my ideas. I also really appreciate his productivity tips an inspirational approach. Great stuff!

Deanna Keahey
Thanks for putting this weekend together, Don! It gave me the nudge I needed to make this happen.

Ila Scott-Ford
My BIGGEST FRUSTRATION in life is that I’ve been working at this for over 3 years and still haven’t launched. Yes, being the CMO of an ad agency leaves me with less energy and spare time than I like, and yes, going this alone is difficult. And in the back of my mind, I knew I was using those excuses to justify why I make so little progress from one week to the next. But your “Just go do this stuff weekend” has re-energized me with the power of setting smaller goals and a deadline to meet them. It’s helped me see how to manage the overwhelm by focusing on achieving one small goal after to achieve the big goal.

And here’s an unexpected and game-changing benefit of this productivity-boosting weekend. Through this exercise and your coaching, I was FORCED to see the invisible ways I waste time by choosing to do little things here and there first. You really brought it home when you said that wanting something really badly is NOT the same as making a commitment to make it happen.

Don, thank you for caring enough to follow up on your programs. You asked us where we were having trouble in making our dreams a reality, and when you got to the bottom of it– you did something about it. THAT is commitment. And it’s one reason you’ve earned my trust. After last weekend, I am much better equipped to just go do this stuff.

Jenny Stepanik

Joan Tennant
This weekend was nothing short of amazing. I learned so much from the rest of the group, and it got me off my inertia point to get started. It feels good to be part of a group working toward the same goal.

Jody White
I accomplished my goal and got my money’s worth out of the weekend. I picked up a cool tip from Don and got a timely shot in the arm from other group members. I felt like a Tour de France rider racing against the clock. I always had someone behind me in the team car urging me on, “Allez! Allez!”

Mary Simon

Meema Esguerra
The community was great. I love how Don Crowther commits to not working on Sundays. I think that’s just great and honorable.

Mike Griffin
Don has supplied a framework and encouragement that got me moving. It will be an easy matter to complete the task over the next several days.

Paloma Baertschi-Herrera
Done!! I am so happy and grateful to have succeeded. I probably wouldn’t have done it without the challenge. There were just too many things going wrong. However, I managed thanks to your initiative! Thank You!

Shanthi Yogini

Join us next time!

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