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Page Analytics (by Google) – A Valuable Free Tool

Would you like to be able to instantly see exactly how much traffic you’re getting to any of your site’s pages while you’re actually on the page? There’s a Google tool that allows you to do that! It’s called Page Analytics (by Google) and it’s a free Chrome plugin that automatically shows you (the numbers […]

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Free Pictures For Your Blog

The blogging world just changed again! Now you can put totally free and legal pictures from one of the top stock photography websites in the world into your blog posts! Whether you’re looking for atmosphere Politics Places Babies Dramatic images Or puppies You can now embed over 35 million images, totally free into your blog […]

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Double Your Pinterest Followers In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

Recently WhoIsHostingThis created a very helpful infographic that summarizes how to double your Pinterest followers in just 5 minutes a day. Here are the highlights: 1. Perfect Your Profile Use a username that matches either your real or business name. Fill out the “About” section with a description of your business or yourself and make […]

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The Benefits Of Blogging – Hard Number Evidence

Whenever I have someone ask me what they can do to build their business, I answer with a question: “How’s your blog?” The answer, almost always, is that they could be doing better, or they haven’t started blogging yet (they’re not alone, shockingly, about 38% of marketers don’t even have a blog!) Yet blogging is […]

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How To Turn Your Social Media Into a List-Building Machine!

In my recent webinar, Turn Your Social Media Into a List-building Machine, I showed: The shocking numbers that prove that building an optin list can be THE MOST effective way to monetize social media 5 specific techniques you can implement in minutes to turn your social media into a list-building machine How to add an […]

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Top 21 Blogging Questions Answered!

Are you just getting started in blogging? Or, do you have a blog and are disappointed in the results you’re getting from it? If either of these is true, I strongly urge you to watch this video, where I answered 21 top questions about blogging that bloggers need to understand if they want to succeed. […]

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How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings – SEO Infographic

How To Get To The Top of Google Natural Search Rankings – What’s Working In SEO Right Now! People all over the world struggle with how to get to the top of Google’s natural search engine rankings. As you know, that’s always been a moving target, especially with the changes Google has made in the […]

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SEO Essentials – What’s Working Now!

Google Search Engine Rankings – What’s Working Now In SEO   A recent study by SearchMetrics recently set out to scientifically measure what drives top Google search engine rankings today. The results once again confirmed exactly what I have been teaching over the last year: That social media is a major source of top search […]

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