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5 Keys To Making Your Blog Popular!

There are some insanely popular blogs out there. You probably have heard of the biggies, like: The Huffington Post, Mashable!, TechCrunch and Gizmodo. But today I want to talk about the blogs out there that may not be Popular like those listed above. But rather – let’s talk about a more achievable, lower case P […]

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11 Types Of Blog Posts You Should Create!

You’ve heard it from me a million times. And you hear it all over the Internet: blogging every day is smart. It’s great for SEO and great for PR and great for customer relations. Blogging is like the online marketing multi-vitamin. And there’s the problem. While it’s as good for you as taking a daily […]

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How Kate Middleton Controlled Social Media and You Can Too

Kate Middleton is pregnant! Very exciting news for the royal couple. Everyone is talking about it on radio, social media, the Internet, newspapers and more. Why do you think Kate would announce her pregnancy now? She is only in the first trimester. Most women wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy in case there […]

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Are You In The Content Business Or The Audience Business?

Warning: Paradigm shift coming! I have been getting lots of questions from people who have been hugely burned by Google’s algorithm changes, especially the changes named after formerly loveable black and white creatures. In most of those cases, these people complained that they did exactly what they thought Google asked them to do… They created […]

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What $45 Tablets Mean For Your Business

I just read a very interesting article about how generic Android-based iPads are available right now for prices that allow them to retail for under $45 each. And it’s coming soon. Potentially for holiday sales this year! Certainly, between the new Kindles, the iPhone 5, and potentially these, we’re going to see millions more portable […]

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What’s in Don’s Toolbox?

Okay, this always make me laugh. (At myself.) I travel the country, teaching folks about social media and so, I put a lot of effort into my presentations. I scour books and websites making sure I always put together exceptionally helpful – and hopefully entertaining – stuff. So it always makes me laugh that the […]

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“No Comment!” – 8 Things to Fix When You’re Not Getting Any Blog Comments

As a blogger you’re in the business of interaction – not just action.  Let me explain. It’s very important, for a whole host of reasons, for you to blog. It’s great for your SEO, it’s great for your client relations, and it’s great for your brand.  But you don’t want to be blogging “in the […]

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Social Media’s Dirty Little Secret

Not long ago I had a conversation with the President of a 30-million dollar company. He has a great business, with a substantial (think hundreds of thousands) of social media fans and thousands of posts and “engagements” on Facebook. The problem? As far as he can tell, he hasn’t made a cent from social media. […]

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Social Media And The Emotional Bank Account (Building Relationships Through Social Media)

Stephen R. Covey, author of a number of excellent books, including my favorites The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (a must read for everyone who is alive…) and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families (not as famous, but incredibly valuable to help families be happier and more cohesive) passed away from the effects […]

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SEO Luminary Leslie Rohde Webinar

Dominate the new Google Through Social Media Most everyone understands that social media does amazing things for their bottom line. But what they don’t realize is the incredible search engine ranking improvements you can get through social media! Here’s the 90 minute webinar replay to teach you how, and exactly what to do to capitalize […]

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