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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

What's in Don's Toolbox?

Okay, this always make me laugh. (At myself.)

I travel the country, teaching folks about social media and so, I put a lot of effort into my presentations. I scour books and websites making sure I always put together exceptionally helpful – and hopefully entertaining – stuff.

So it always makes me laugh that the question I seem to get after my talks is often one that has nothing to do with the presentation I had so carefully crafted. It’s one that basically goes like this:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah Don…just give me a list of the online tools you use and save the fancy talk.”

So okay!

Here are 5 tools I use all the time. (I’ll list more in future blog posts)

Google Analytics – Google Analytics tracks just about everything you need to know about your site. How much traffic you’re getting, where it’s coming from, even what links are being clicked on within your site. It’s awesome, it’s free, you need it on your site…yesterday.

Word Tracker Free Keyword Tool – If you want traffic (and you do want traffic, right?) you need to know your ideal keywords.  Although Word Tracker does have a paid version, the free tool probably will serve every need you have as a small business owner.

Hootsuite – Twitter can be a crazy, chaotic place. Or Twitter can be a streamlined power mode of communication with your customer and colleagues. Hootsuite can turn scenario A into scenario B. Hootsuite is a free tool that allows you to track your mentions and schedule posts into the future. It also lets you do things like integrate your LinkedIn professional profile. I do strongly recommend, though, that you not use their function to schedule posts into the future on Facebook. (More on that later.)

Skype  – This might be my #1 communication tool. I adore Skype for so many reasons. It’s free. It’s got a dead-simple interface. Sending files over Skype has all but replaced my old habit of emailing them. You can video chat, you can click a button and be talking to a contact over your PC speakers and mic. Again – all for free. Again – I love Skype.

Google Chrome -  I know, I know. I can hear it now “But I love Internet Explorer. I’m comfortable with it.” Well, people said the same thing about their favorite horse when the first intimidating motorcar came along. Does that mean you shouldn’t switch? Google Chrome is a fast, safe and offers loads of great plugins. Plus, it’s as fast as all get out! Try it out for 3 days and see if you don’t prefer it.

Stay tuned for more Tool Recommendations in future blog posts….

What are YOUR favorite tools to build your business? Let me know by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to Like, Tweet, Pin and Google+ this post while you’re at it!

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  1. Hi Don

    Firstly, thanks for your tips. I have asked this elsewhere to head shaking and general disbelief.

    GOOGLE ANALYTICS: what do you do when it doesn’t work? There are a lot of people using things like Ghostery and other javascript suppressors who then don’t show up on Analytics.

    There are .php versions of analytics which are server side, my programming isn’t really up to that. There are some other work-arounds like Cloudflare.

    What are your experiences of this, and have you any suggestions please.

    I am aware that Analytics works when a Google Ad is clicked – the thing is, what happens when someone returns to your site afterwards? They won’t show up.

    My own personal work-around is to forget all the analytics and work on character + email list. The good ol’ tried and tested way. What do you think?? Gem xx

    1. Google analytics won’t work when javascript suppressors are used. But don’t worry about it. Just be aware of it and go on. You’ll never get exact, no matter what program you use. But the number of people using that type of program is very low, so it shouldn’t be a huge factor.

      If someone returns within 30 days and has cookies turned on, they should appear as a repeat visitor.

      I wouldn’t forget about analytics, they’re too important. Just don’t get caught up in the nitty-gritty of who’s not being counted, because, unless you have a very unusual audience, that’s not going to be a major factor.


  2. free conference (use the record this call feature so others can listen later if they want)

    Google Sites



    Dropbox – car service while out traveling and trying to get around

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