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Understanding Chinese Social Media

How much do you know about China and the state of social media there? Let’s put it this way, if you think that North Americans dominate social media, you’re wrong. The first thing you need to know about Chinese Social Media is that it is big. As in, big big!  Think one billion registered users […]

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5 Ways To Get Tons of Traffic To Old Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way to show off fresh content. They attract Google spiders and readers alike with their hot-off-the-press posts. But what happens to a blog post when it’s lukewarm-off-the-press, or even a few weeks “cold?” Should you just leave it there in the archives to rot? Or are there ways to drive tons […]

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Creating linkbait blog posts

Want more traffic and links? Perhaps you need to write more scintillating headlines and blog posts. (Definition – Linkbait: a term used to describe a variety of practices that focus on generating attention and incoming links from other sites and blogs. Some linkbaiting practices are good, many sketchy, but it’s clearly an area worth thinking […]

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What’s the ideal length of a Twitter post?

140 characters. Right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Why? Because if you write a 140 character Twitter post, nobody can retweet it without editing it. And since people are lazy, you aren’t getting retweeted! What’s worse, is if your post is difficult to edit, like, for example a famous quote. So what is the correct length for […]

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The Twitter NoFollow myth debunked

I hear it all the time: “Twitter links are useless from an SEO standpoint because Twitter nofollows everything.” (Remember that nofollow is a way of indicating to the search engines that a particular link shouldn’t pass “credit” from a search engine standpoint. It’s a way of discouraging spammers from abusing Twitter, blogs, and sites.) If […]

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How to find free (and legal) pictures online

Need a quick picture for a blog post, web page or anything else? If you’re like most people, you jump into Google Images and grab a great shot from there. Unfortunately, that puts you at huge risk of lawsuit, because, unless someone specifically grants rights to you to use a given image, every picture taken […]

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21 2-Minute Tasks To Improve Your Social Media Presence

Got two minutes before your next appointment and want a high-leverage way to use that time? Try one of these social-media activities: Search your name, company name or brand name on search.twitter.com and reply to someone who’s posting about you Write a 110-character tip in your subject area, and publish it to your Facebook page […]

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How To Permanently Eliminate Facebook Requests

Are you one of the millions who isn’t interested in playing Farmville (congratulations on being a good steward of your time, BTW) and are tired of seeing huge numbers of time-consuming requests every time you get on Facebook?

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