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Don Crowther

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

21 2-minute ways to build social media presence

Got two minutes before your next appointment and want a high-leverage way to use that time? Try one of these social-media activities:

  1. Search your name, company name or brand name on and reply to someone who’s posting about you
  2. Write a 110-character tip in your subject area, and publish it to your Facebook page and Twitter
  3. Make an incredibly insightful comment on a blog post written by a leader in your industry
  4. Add 3 more topics to your list of blog posts to write (you do have a list of blog posts you plan to write, right? It’s the simplest way to avoid bloggers block known to man!)
  5. Change out your picture on your Facebook profile or page
  6. Send birthday greetings to one of your Facebook followers
  7. Send out a link to one of your most impactful archived blog posts to your Twitter/Facebook audience
  8. Answer a question asked by someone connected to you on LinkedIn
  9. Find someone you’ve worked with on LinkedIn who you would be comfortable recommending and make a note to write that recommendation soon
  10. Embed a relevant video into one of your blog posts
  11. Add another industry guru to a followers group in TweetDeck or Seesmic, so that you isolate posts from key people
  12. Retweet a post by someone from your industry guru followers group
  13. Block out the dates of an upcoming social media conference to make sure you are able to attend
  14. Approve comments on your blog
  15. Scan your twitter feed and DM list looking for trolls and promotional people and unfollow them immediately
  16. Start a conversation with one of your followers
  17. Click the like button on a comment by someone on your Facebook feed
  18. Clean up your RSS feed reader – kicking out blogs/feeds that no longer add value
  19. Make sure your Flip or Video camera is fully charged and with you so you’re ready at any moment to grab a great video!
  20. Make a list of 5 social media resolutions for this week that you might not have otherwise gotten done
  21. Jot a note to someone offering to set up a reciprocal guest-blogging arrangement

Bonus: Do 5 of these a day – and they’ll build upon each other – magnifying your results exponentially!

What else do you do to leverage 2 minutes into social media success? Share it with us in the comments below!

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