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Email Tag Tutorial

Want to make your email marketing 10x more effective? Start using email tags effectively. Unfortunately, not all email systems give you the capability to do this, you’ll need to be using one that allows tagging, like Active Campaign, Keap, or ConvertKit, but the difference tagging makes in the results you get from your email marketing […]

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Case Study: Rapid List Building Strategy

Want to build a list quickly? And to have that list be made up solely of actual buyers? Try holding a super sale. Not just a sale, a sale so ridiculously cheap, with such amazing products, that nobody in their right mind would pass it by. And a sale so ridiculously cheap, with such amazing […]

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How To Turn Your Social Media Into a List-Building Machine!

In my recent webinar, Turn Your Social Media Into a List-building Machine, I showed: The shocking numbers that prove that building an optin list can be THE MOST effective way to monetize social media 5 specific techniques you can implement in minutes to turn your social media into a list-building machine How to add an […]

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Email Clickthroughs: How to increase your email clicks by 20%+

As an online marketer, you know that getting clickthroughs from the emails you send is vital to your profitability. Want to know an incredibly fast and easy way to increase your email clickthroughs by 20% or more? It’s simple, use the simple 4-step CoVER technique. Here are the steps: 1. Co = Copy Start your […]

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