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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Dropbox file sharingHave you heard of Dropbox yet? Well, if not, listen up. Dropbox is a service that let’s you share files, photos and videos anywhere you go. 

Why Use Dropbox

Technology is great until you run out of space. Videos, pictures and some documents can take up a lot of space on your computer. Yes, you can buy flash drives or external hard drives. Those give you more space, but they don’t really help you keep all your files in one easy, accessible place.

Dropbox does just that. You can keep  all your  files: videos,  pictures and  documents in one place. You  can have it installed on more than one computer. And, if you happen not to have one of you computers with you, you can log in to Dropbox from anywhere  and have access to all your files. You don’t have to worry about forgotten flash drives or external hard drives. If you travel a lot, you don’t have to carry as much with you.

How to Use Dropbox for Business

I use Dropbox profusely in my business. Here’s how:

  • If you’ve followed me for very long, you know that I preach having a team to work with. All of my team members have Dropbox. I can pick which of my files I want to share with them. We can all go in and add to those files. No more sending documents back and forth through email. When you submit a file on Dropbox, it is just a matter of minutes before your other team members can see it.
  • As I mentioned above, you can use Dropbox from any computer. This simplifies things if you don’t have your computer or flash drives with you. Before I used Dropbox, I don’t know how many times I said,”I have that file on my other flash drive!”
  • You can use Dropbox to store all your videos. My team members have access to the videos I make without having to download all of them.
  • Any pictures you find for future or current blog posts, you can store on Dropbox. Again, you have everything in one place!

I recommend you take a look at Dropbox today. They have a free service to get your started.

Dropbox file sharingIf you’re already using Dropbox, what do you use it for?

If you’re not using it, Download it and let me know how you like it.

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  1. Dropbox is great, but there is a long, long list of alternative providers offering essentially the same service. Many of those other cloud storage provider offer more space than Dropbox does for free.

    So what separates Dropbox from all the many others?

    1. The main reason I use it in my company is that all my virtual team members use it so it’s a no brainer for us. There are other options but I like to keep things as simple for the team as possible.

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