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Don Crowther

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business


Want to increase your profits online?

I recently taught 5 Keys To Online Profits in a webinar, the contents of which are so vital to your business future, that I've decided to break it into parts to make it even easier to consume.

Part 1: Creating systems

In this video you'll discover:

  • The one key thing that makes the difference between big and small companies (37 seconds into the video)
  • One specific system I set up that saves me 9 hours and 37 minutes every time I take on a new client (at 10:39 in the video)
  • The specific steps to creating and documenting a system for your business (12:20)

Part 2: Lead Generation And Followup Systems

Key highlights from this video include:

- How to get lead traffic to your squeeze pages and offers (2:11)

- Exactly what and how many emails you should be sending out as part of your email followup autoresponder when you get a new lead (9:25)

- How much each typical email lead could be worth to you (an astonishing number!) (21:35)

Part 3: Converting Lapsed Leads Into Buyers

In this video you'll learn:

- The key actions you should take to re-invigorate lapsed leads and customers (1:25)

- Why cleaning your list is absolutely vital to deliverability of your emails (4:25)

- The steps to take in cleaning your list (8:44)

Part 4: Selling And Conversion Systems

In this powerful video, you'll discover:

- The sales and conversion system I recommend to increase your sales by 10X to 100X! (0:35)

- A specific example of a successful sales system, (including the ad and video copy to use) to build out your killer system (3:12)

- Specific types of offers you can make through sales systems (12:08)

Part 5: Upsell and Cross-Sell Systems

Make sure you watch this video to learn:

- What testing consistently reveals is absolutely the best time to offer an upsell - warning, you may not like this, but it WORKS! (2:07)

- How to automate your upsell process - even if you have NO technical skills at ALL (3:50)

- The astounding amount of additional revenues I've made this year, JUST by adding upsells and cross-sells to my selling process (8:48)

Part 6: Lifetime Customer Ascension Systems

In this final video in the series, you'll learn

- The painful lesson I learned about lifetime customer ascension and what it was costing me to not focus on it (0:35)

- What to offer your customers even if they've already purchased everything you sell (2:20)

- What you should do next to make these transformations in your business (4:57)

Thanks for watching these videos. I'd love to hear which of these techniques you're most interested in implementing and (once you've done them) how these techniques are working for you. Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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