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Social Media Strategy: Getting customer feedback before you stock an item

Just read a worthwhile article called 10 Social Media Risks MOST Companies Are Too Afraid to Take In it they described a set of techniques that most companies will never do. One strategy they discussed that is well worth considering is a voting strategy – where customers vote on a product before they actually decide to […]

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5 things you should never ever post on social media

I just read an interesting article listing 5 things you should never ever share on Twitter. And while I totally agree with the 5 things they listed: Your phone number Your address Your body parts Your banking and credit card information Password hints I believe that this list is too short. Plus, none of these […]

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How to Use Facebook Ads

I was reading this article that made me think about the best way to use Facebook ads. When you buy ads on Facebook, it is mainly to get your brand out there rather than getting people to “Like” or “Friend” you. Exposing as many people as possible to your products or services and you just […]

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Facebook and Pinterest Both Provide $2 Revenue Per Visitor

A new study, recently released by RichRelevance shows that the average revenue from Facebook and Pinterest is currently averaging about $2 per visit! Not bad! This study shows that while most of the traffic is actually coming from Facebook, both Facebook and Pinterest are delivering very nice dollar per visitor conversion rates! Here’s a video […]

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Which Brand of Social Media is Right for Your Business? – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about some principles of Facebook and Twitter to help you determine if one or both of those sites for social media is right for your business. In Part 2, we will discuss LinkedIn and YouTube. Both, along with the first two sites are great for getting your message out to […]

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Which Brand of Social Media is Right For Your Business? – Part 1

With all the different social media sites, it can be hard to choose which you should use. Do I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, a combination, or all of them? There are even others, but I’ll just talk about these for now. You need to know what you want out of a social media site […]

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Social Media: If You Wait Too Long, You’ll Get Left Behind

How can you keep up with others in your industry? Of course, I think an important step is to get on the social media bandwagon! You don’t want to be left behind just because you thought Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn wouldn’t last. These sites and others like them can be extremely helpful in getting and […]

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Learn Social Media Today, Profits Tomorrow!

Information overload. We all experience that in today’s fast-paced, information leaping society. But in order to keep up with others in your industry, it is important to get on the social media bandwagon. and that means increasing your knowledge. You don’t want to be left behind just because you thought Facebook, You Tube, or LinkedIn […]

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How to make Facebook really “work” for you.

Facebook. The land of the inside joke and the silly status update.  Where baby photos and music videos dominate. Or do they? Millions of companies might disagree.  Every day, they “conduct business” on Facebook. They successfully attract fans, keep them engaged and ultimately turn them into paying customers.  But how?  What are the secrets to […]

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How to untag yourself from Facebook posts and pictures posted by others

It used to be when someone said “Facebook” – people instantly thought of “status updates”. Or that trademark blue color. Or funny pictures from your friends. But these days, the latest news headlines have a lot of folks instead thinking words like “invasive” and “no privacy”. I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it here. […]

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