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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Work Fun BalanceYou may think that there is no time for fun when you are working. You have deadlines to meet, schedules to keep, and meetings to attend. If this is the case, you will get burned out. All work and no play can be stressful!

Sure, everyone wants to be profitable. You need to find that balance in work and play. If you love what you do, it shouldn’t be hard to have fun while doing it. I came across this article that tells you why it’s ok to mix fun and profit.

What are some ways to have fun while trying to make money on social media?

  • Enjoy writing your blog. Blogs do not have to be just information. Find a great picture to go along with what you are trying to convey. You want to write it so that your audience can’t wait to read what you will come up with next.
  • Post humorous images to your Facebook or Pinterest page. Memes are a good place to start. They are becoming very popular and somehow, people can really relate to them.
  • Show off your “stuff” and I don’t mean your products – Social Media is your chance to let the world know how smart you are. Showcase your expertise!
  • Brag about your successful customers and clients. Who did what you said to do and had success? Everyone loves success stories.
  • Talk back. When someone comments on your post, comment back and then go see if you can comment on theirs or share one of their posts. This is the stuff they taught you in kindergarten – oh, don’t we wish we could go back there some days?

The bottom line is that you can’t just post something to your profile or page and just move on to the next thing. You have to monitor it and when you see a comment, you should respond.

Remember balance, it’s so important! Everything doesn’t have to be business 100% of the time. Even the most successful business people find a way to work what they enjoy into what they are doing in their company. You can do it, too!

What fun stuff do you like to mix with work?

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