How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings – SEO Infographic

How To Get To The Top of Google Natural Search Rankings – What’s Working In SEO Right Now! People all over the world struggle with how to get to the top of Google’s natural search engine rankings. As you know, that’s always been a moving target, especially with the changes Google has made in the […]

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SEO Essentials – What’s Working Now!

Google Search Engine Rankings – What’s Working Now In SEO   A recent study by SearchMetrics recently set out to scientifically measure what drives top Google search engine rankings today. The results once again confirmed exactly what I have been teaching over the last year: That social media is a major source of top search […]

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Customer Knowledge = Targeting = Profits!

I’m known in online marketing circles as a strategic, traffic, conversion and social media guy. But what some of you might not know is that I also have much broader business training and expertise. I want to tell you a little about that background. Please understand that I’m not telling you any of this to […]

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How to Get New Clients Online: Video and Mindmap

Want to get more clients and customers online? There IS a system to getting them. This video walks you through each step in the process, showing you how to set up your online presence to attract clients, then how to implement that process to bring in new leads, build trust with them, and convert them […]

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5 Keys To Make Your Content Go Viral!

Viral content – it’s the dream of the marketing world. But for many, it’s a cross between the “impossible dream” and, if they put a ton of effort into the process, the viral dream changes into the viral nightmare!” So, what makes content go viral? Here’s an interesting infographic that summarizes the 5 key elements […]

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Marketing: How To Stand Out In the Minds Of Your Customers By Using Unlike Statements

Want to improve your marketing results? Simply start using the word “unlike” in your marketing! “Unlike” is one of the most powerful, yet least used Marketing Magic Words™ available! Here’s how you use it: “Unlike ________ we ___________.” As in Unlike [other competitors] we [do x to help you achieve your objectives.] Before I give […]

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Just Go Do This Stuff Weekend Successes!

Recently we held another Just Go Do This Stuff Weekend. In it, we invited people to choose a project that would create a significant change in their business. It was incredibly successful, with the majority of attendees reporting that the projects they completed during the weekend would be worth $50,000 or more in the future! […]

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Your 5 Biggest Online Marketing Questions Answered

In this webinar I taught solutions for each of the 5 most frequently cited issues in my survey of Internet Marketers, including 1. How to get more traffic to your website 2. How to build your list 3. How to get a higher percentage of people who come to your site to optin to your […]

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