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How To Double Your Profits Using Upsells

Are you using upsells in your business? If not, you’re leaving money on the table! Did you know that: A good upsell can add 30% or more to your revenues and DOUBLE the profit of almost any offer? Upsells work in online AND offline businesses There are several different kinds of upsells, each working in […]

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3 strategic lessons to learn from Brendon Burchard’s free book giveaway

As a strategist and marketer, I’ve seen that there are a number of lessons from which we can all gain value in watching Brendon Burchard’s free book giveaway, The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive (If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to click here to snag your free […]

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Making Money From Google AdWords

Are you currently making money from Google AdWords? What if I told you that, if you do it right, it could literally become your own personal ATM? I’m going to be really blunt here: “There’s an 80-90% probability that Google AdWords could be the single most profitable source of income for your business.” Did you […]

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QR Codes – 21 Ways To Use Them To Build Your Business

You’re probably familiar with QR Codes – those barcody-looking things that allow you to communicate additional information about whatever you wish. You can use them anywhere, for lots of great uses. Here’s a video that describes 21 of them! Here’s my favorite QR Code creator (some elements are free, others cost a bit): And […]

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Losing! Business Lessons From Charlie Sheen

It’s gripping stuff. Like a spectacular fireworks display or a slow motion car crash. The very public, erratic behavior of Charlie Sheen has been on our TVs just about every night for weeks now. And we’re unable to turn away. It’s just too oddly compelling. And of course – me being me – I can’t […]

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Here’s a quick video about Dropbox, one of my favorite, free tools that I use almost every day. Dropbox is a great tool for: Transferring files between computers and locations Syncing files between computers Creating online backups And much much more! If you’d like to get 25% more free space for your Dropbox account, simply […]

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The Two-Page Strategic Plan Template

Download this simple, yet powerful 2-page Strategic Plan Template to help you create your own strategic plan. And best of all – it’s free!Several years ago, one of my best friends, Jeff Walker, taught me a very important principle. To spend at least a week every year, with no employees around, just to think strategically about […]

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How to Become a Highly-Paid Expert In Any Niche

How to become a highly paid expert in any niche! I’m convinced that if you want to get paid what you’re REALLY worth, plus a whole lot more, the fastest and easiest way is by positioning and marketing yourself as an expert. This webinar, starring expert guru Brendon Burchard, explains the process and teaches key […]

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6 Sexy Ways to Write Great Blog Headlines

It’s the first thing your readers see. It’s how you get those readers engaged and reading your posts.  It’s how you get them to go ahead and just please click…that…link.  It’s your blog post headline. And it’s important. If you want to write a great blog, with a great big readership, you have to write […]

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