QR Codes – 21 Ways To Use Them To Build Your Business

You’re probably familiar with QR Codes – those barcody-looking things that allow you to communicate additional information about whatever you wish.

You can use them anywhere, for lots of great uses. Here’s a video that describes 21 of them!

Here’s my favorite QR Code creator (some elements are free, others cost a bit): http://www.QRStuff.com

And here’s a list of QR Code readers / decoders / scanning apps for iPhones, Androids and more: http://www.qrstuff.com/qr_phone_software.html

And finally, here are the items included in the list

  1. Business Cards
    Put a code on your business card containing all of your contact information
  2. Put It On A T-Shirt
    Then people get sent where you want them to go
  3. Put It On Price Tags In A Store
    Taking them to a specs page online
    Best Buy does this
  4. Put It On Your Website Contact Us Page
    People take a picture of your page on the screen, put you in their contact list
  5. Put It On Your Instruction Sheet
    People scan it to get step-by-step instructions
    Or maybe a video
  6. Put It In Print Ads
    People scan to be taken to a specific landing page on your website
  7. Put It On A Campaign Sign
    Taking people to your website
  8. Put It On A For-Sale Sign
    Take them to a website with video and information about the item being sold
    Bulletin Board
  9. Put It On Your Luggage
    If your luggage ever gets lost…
  10. Send a Tweet
    Scanning it sends out a tweet
  11. Do A Location Login
    Put on every table and the walls of your restaurant, does a foursquare login or a Facebook location login
  12. Add To Your LinkedIn Page
    Passes your contact information or website
  13. Call Us To Place Your Order
    Scan dials their phone
  14. Send a Teaser Postcard
    Send a QR code to a potential client, which takes them to your website
  15. Put It On Your Conference NameTag
    Contact information or website
  16. Put A Backsell On Your Invoice
    Taking them to a landing page making a special offer
  17. Put One On The End Of A Video
    Takes them to a landing page, can pass source codes
  18. Paypal Buy Link
    Scanning takes them to Paypal to buy your item
  19. Promote An Event
    Scanning the code puts it on their calendar
  20. Announce Your Free Wifi
    Scanning logs them into your wifi account
  21. Put It In Your Powerpoint Presentation
    Build your list by sending them to a special bonus offer if they sign up

What ideas do you have in addition to the ones listed in the video? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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Finally, if you’d like more information on mobile marketing and how to use it to build your business, check out this Step-By-Step Mobile Marketing webinar replay.


Don Crowther

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