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The Benefits Of Blogging – Hard Number Evidence

Whenever I have someone ask me what they can do to build their business, I answer with a question: “How’s your blog?” The answer, almost always, is that they could be doing better, or they haven’t started blogging yet (they’re not alone, shockingly, about 38% of marketers don’t even have a blog!) Yet blogging is […]

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YouTube: How to Create Clickable Links to YOUR Website in YouTube Videos

Did you know that you can now put clickable links into your YouTube videos? Nope, these aren’t the old link annotations that could only point to other YouTube videos. These are real, clickable, powerful links that you can embed into your video to point at your site! Exciting times. In fact, I’d go even farther […]

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Infographics Build Traffic!

Here’s an infographic reporting on a study about how infographics build traffic to sites (how meta!) Created by Customer Magnetism, an award winning Internet marketing agency. What’s your favorite infographic? Have you created one yourself (or had someone create one for you)? Leave us a comment!

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9 Ways to Get More Blog Readers From Twitter

Twitter has it’s rabid fans. It also has it’s eye-rolling detractors. But whatever your take on Twitter might be, the truth is that – used correctly  – Twitter can be a great way to gain fans, open doors, and really drive traffic. In fact, today I’m going to talk about using Twitter to drive traffic […]

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