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Free Pictures For Your Blog

The blogging world just changed again! Now you can put totally free and legal pictures from one of the top stock photography websites in the world into your blog posts! Whether you’re looking for atmosphere Politics Places Babies Dramatic images Or puppies You can now embed over 35 million images, totally free into your blog […]

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Marketing – The Power Of Free

During my 10 years of working in marketing, running $100+ million brands for companies like Kimberly-Clark, ConAgra and SC Johnson, there was one promotional tool that always created tremendous success in getting new customers: Giving our product away for free! In that world, it’s called sampling. You do it by hiring people to stand around […]

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Free social media tracking!

There are many companies that track your brand, company and name through social media, but most of them are quite costly. However there’s one site that gives you a pretty good indication of how you’re doing, and it comes at my favorite price: free! It’s called socialmention.com SocialMention.com allows you to search on anything,a brand […]

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