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Free Pictures For Your Blog

The blogging world just changed again! Now you can put totally free and legal pictures from one of the top stock photography websites in the world into your blog posts! Whether you’re looking for atmosphere Politics Places Babies Dramatic images Or puppies You can now embed over 35 million images, totally free into your blog […]

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Profitable Content Creation – What to Do When You’re Running Out of Content Ideas (3 Big Tips)

Content creation is a great way to bring in more prospects and profits. And you do want more prospects and profits, right? The struggle for many content marketers, both new and experienced, is consistently coming up with ideas for creating content. I’ve noticed that many go through a few stages in their struggle to come […]

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Backup Creator—A WordPress Security Plug-in You Should Be Using

As you know, I am a very big advocate of backing up your material. Not just content, but your WordPress site as well. I don’t even want to imagine the damage that can happen to a site that is not properly secured! You need to make the safety of your site a priority. Because I […]

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5 Essential Tips for WordPress Security

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. Because of this, WordPress doesn’t attract just people who are blogging, it also attracts people who are wanting to hack blogs. The more popular a platform, the more hackers there are. Here is some food for thought: what are you using for WordPress Security? If […]

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Are Your Peeps Sharing Your Content?

Recently I wrote a blog post about content vs. your audience. This post explained the changes Google has made and how it has affected traffic to your site/blog. Writing that blog post led me to another thought. We are living in a social media, social networking, social sharing world. With the way Google has changed, […]

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How to make Facebook really “work” for you.

Facebook. The land of the inside joke and the silly status update.  Where baby photos and music videos dominate. Or do they? Millions of companies might disagree.  Every day, they “conduct business” on Facebook. They successfully attract fans, keep them engaged and ultimately turn them into paying customers.  But how?  What are the secrets to […]

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Extra, Extra “Tweet” All About It!

What the Increase in Online News Readership Means to YOU News has gone social! Keeping informed is no longer a solitary experience, spent quietly in front of one’s TV or at the kitchen table with the newspaper. Nope. According to a recent Pew Internet report, over 60% of Americans are getting a portion of their news […]

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Why NOT To Date Your Blog Posts

Just because it’s tradition, doesn’t mean it’s right! And in the case of dating your blog posts, there are lots more disadvantages to putting dates on your blog posts than there are advantages. Think through your last year of blogging. What percentage of your posts really needed to have a date attached? Unless you’re a […]

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6 Sexy Ways to Write Great Blog Headlines

It’s the first thing your readers see. It’s how you get those readers engaged and reading your posts.  It’s how you get them to go ahead and just please click…that…link.  It’s your blog post headline. And it’s important. If you want to write a great blog, with a great big readership, you have to write […]

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