Don Crowther
Don Crowther

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Here’s a video that answers two burning questions:

1. Don, why are you marketing a competitive product (Social Media Marketing Machines)?

and 2. What bonuses are you offering for Social Media Marketing Machines?


Here’s a quick summary of what you get when you order through this link:

JUST ADDED (So it’s not in the video!)

Private 30 minute phone consultation with Don:
It’s time to do as you wish – we can talk about your business, help you identify your niche, give you specific advice, answer your questions, whatever you would like. This would normally cost $1,000! It will be delivered after the end of the refund period to active, continuing customers.

1. Live mastermind with Don:
At the Social Media Marketing Machines live event, I will hold an exclusive mastermind session, where we will meet in a private room, and answer your questions and mastermind for 3+ hours.  This promises to be a breakthrough event, with live, direct conversations with me and your compatriots in the room.

Plus, we will be recording this session, and producing an edited transcript, giving you just the meat of the discussions (and not revealing the private business details shared by participants in the room) which will be available to everyone who qualifies for the bonus, whether they attended or not.

Value $800

2. Question and Answer Mastermind Call
To be held in late January, this call will answer your key questions and teach you additional techniques after you’ve had some time to learn and use the Social Media Marketing Machines systems.

Value $200

3. My special Social Media Tracking Tool

This cool tool allows you to track mentions of any keyword you wish (your name, company, brand, keywords, competitors) throughout the social sphere, including hundreds of thousands of blogs and dozens of social sites. Bluntly, this program outperforms many tracking tools I’ve seen that cost thousands of dollars per month!

You’ll get 6 months free access, a $282 value!

4. A free copy of the killer video-production software tool – Camtasia Studio.

This is a fully-functional, latest version of Camtasia Studio for PC, which sells for $297. This program is a powerful tool for creating great videos in a fraction of the time (and with a fraction of the expense) of live video. (It’s the tool that I used to create the video above!)

Value: $297

So go now, and pick up your copy by clicking here!

The fine print follows:

Collecting your bonus:

To qualify, simply buy Social Media Marketing Machines through this link, then send a copy of your receipt via email to don [at} socialprofitformula |dot} com and we’ll send you the passwords for the social tracker program within 48 hours.

You can download a free un-crippled trial of Camtasia here We will send you your software keys at the end of the 30-day trial period for Social Media Marketing Machines (assuming that you are current in payments and have not refunded or cancelled the program.)

Invitations to the Question and Answer Mastermind call will go out in late January, and the live event invites will go out in early February so that you can plan your travel.

To earn all bonuses you must be a current and non-refunding member of Social Media Marketing Machines and have purchased via my link.

Don’t forget to leave your comments, Like and Tweet this even if you decide not to buy!

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