Which Social Media Sites Should YOU Be Using To Market Your Business?

Which social media sites / platforms should YOU be using to market your business?

It all depends on

Who you market to

What type of business you are

What type of media you use to market

And more!

Here's an infographic, courtesy of Succeed by Staples, that helps you decide.

(Caveat: You don't have to only choose one – you should be where your audience is and where they will be looking for information on companies like yours. But, this infographic will help you decide which should be your primary focus.)

Infographic: Which Social Media Sites Should You Use To Market Your Business?


What changes will this cause you to make? What types of marketing are working for you right now in social media? Share with us by leaving a comment below, and don't forget to Like, Share, +1, Tweet and Pin this post!

Don Crowther

Don Crowther is a leading marketing, business strategy and online marketing expert. He helps companies ranging from Fortune-500-level giants to entrepreneurs make more money online using proven strategic and marketing techniques.

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