Don Crowther
Don Crowther

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

I need your help – I’m so committed to helping your build your business online that I’m even willing to recommend that you buy my competitor’s product, SocialMediaMarketingMachines (and besides that, it’s well worth the money you’ll pay for it!) (Don’t forget to watch the 2nd video in the series here.)

I’m trying to come up with the perfect bonus, to get you to buy through my link instead of one of those other guys’. But rather than guess, I’d like to know what bonus you would like to receive.

Let me know your thoughts and I’ll see what we can do! Anything short of giving you my SocialProfitFormula for free (sorry, won’t happen,) will be considered.

Let me know by writing a comment below. And don’t forget to Like and Tweet this.

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  1. Actually Don, this isn’t exactly what you were asking, but I wanted to know how this differs from Market Me Suite? SMMM is an automated tool isn’t it? I’ve used Traffic Geyser in the past so I understand that part. Obviously there is training and software. So I’m trying to figure is there is doubleup with SMMM & SPF.


    1. There are a number of things that this program can do that MMS can’t. I’ll know more in a few days after I’ve had a chance to play with it a bit.


  2. I like the Facebook box you are using on the blog

    Since I got every bonus you have offered…
    probably Free coaching session,
    Give me exposure to your list to promote my product

  3. Hi Don…id like to know more about Jeff Walker. I missed his Product Launch Formula 3.0 course this year and would be keen to know more about that and how to integrate some of those ideas into social media.
    Alternatively some more video content from Andy Jenkins. I really enjoyed his section in your course and would love to know more.
    How does he do those brilliant intros to his videos?

  4. Hi Don,
    I did your social media SPF course and think a good bonus would be:
    1. Access to your SPF Club.
    2. Oher things we need to know which would help us: Traffic generation, keyword search, Affiliate marketing (how to sell our products through affiliates).


  5. Ok! Hey …. Don nice to meet you…thanks for the email not sure how I got on your list but very good Headline got my attention, I can always use a new tool for my Online Marketing.

    My question is why give any bonus away? I know it has become the norm to add some bonus of value or relevance to a product. because of the nature of this business.

    So my thoughts are, build a relationship first then there is really no need to give a bonus for a Quality Product..period….

    My thinking is, it devalues the Quality product .. thinking you have to give away something else to sell a already Quality Product. It’s value is in it’s benefits and (features don’t hurt either)….to the end user..

    So from what I’ve seen of (SocialMediaMarketingMachines) I think it is a stand alone Quality Product…
    No bonus needed.. just get to know your potential customers better… and meet there needs.. the sales will happen…

    To You Huge Online Success
    sunseandsand larrymaczura ucandonline

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