Infographic: How to Decode Google Analytics

Let's say you knew enough to  register your sites with Google Analytics. But, now what? Do you have any idea what the data you're receiving means? Or how to use the feedback you're receiving? I found this great infographic that can help you decode your Google Analytics.

Below you will see the same pictures that come up for you on your Google Analytics. However, this infographic gives you definitions of what those pictures mean and how to use the data. Understanding your Google Analytics data can really increase your understanding of how well your social media campaign is working.

Decoding Google Analytics

Hopefully this infographic has helped you see how much feedback you can get from using Google Analytics. For more information on Google Analytics, I recommend “Measure Your Way to the Ultimate Success! webinar replay I did a few weeks back. I guarantee you'll be amazed at all the information my guest, George Gill, shares about Google Analytics!

Don Crowther

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