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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

How to recover from Google's Panda Update

Has Google’s Panda update affected your traffic and sales? If it has, you’re in good company, if it hasn’t, someday it will.

In this video, SEO Expert Leslie Rohde cuts through the guesses and disinformation to teach us how Panda works and what changes we need to make in our sites to not suffer the negative penalties assigned by Panda – penalties that can hurt your rankings, resulting in reduced traffic and sales.

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What changes are you making to your site as a result of Panda? Please tell us in a comment below. And don’t forget to Like and tweet this!

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  1. Google is constantly updating its algorithms and it can be hard to stay up-to-date with changes. If you have a shopping website and need to re-use content, do not simply copy it from the source site, it is best practice to re-write it in your own words.

  2. Always love you guys. Unfortunately I had a previous commitment and wasn’t able to make your Arizona conference. Will you be doing it again? Can I talk you into coming to California? Or will you be putting it into webinar form?

  3. I’m not from the US and unable to attend the SPF live.

    Is it possible to get a paid recording of the SPF live?

    I am particularly interested in the “On-page methods to mask and neutralized the Panda profile” topic. Is it possible to get a hand on that now Leslie?

    Leslie, I would love to get consulting from you on my site but I know I can’t afford the fee.

    For your info, my site has been enjoying abundance traffics every time there is a Panda update. I love Panda so much as my traffics increase at least 50% every time there is an update.

    But on September 20, 2011 my site traffics suddenly fluctuate by more than 80%.

    The problem is I am not sure that the latest Panda 2.5 update is the culprit. I was told the Panda 2.5 update only take effect on September 28.

    On 18 September, my hosting company change my site to a new server. Could this be the culprit instead?

    Or is it possible the Panda 2.5 hit me on September 20?

    Can you please give me a clue Leslie?

  4. I was recommended this video from a friend’s site to watch. I learned some interesting information on Javascript. I am going to go and experiment with this now. The rest of the immediate actions are good to.

  5. absolutely brilliant, though it goes to show the tried and true methods are always the best, one thing you have not touched upon is being to the first to the market with information esp if you are an ecommerce retailer

    another aspect is to become an expert / authority in a new and emerging area so that when the new are starts to gain momentum then google will view you as the expert.

  6. For the past few years I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from articles and videos from Andy, Brad, Don, Leslie and Dan so would like to thank you for making this video available to us. Only wish I could join you in sunny Arizona in October but as I am in London it’s not so easy to travel to the US at such short notice.

    Just one thing … after panda, is article marketing dead?

  7. That was great! I have heard other people talk about Panda before and I really didn’t understand much more about it after they finished. The way Leslie explained it, Panda made so much sense. Now I know Panda has nothing to do with linking. You are helping a lot of people.

  8. Thank you for this interview with Lesley, this is something that is really important but also difficult to get your head around, but I enjoyed watching and feel that I have learned from it, I feel that the main thing is that the quality of the content of your site is the most important. part.

  9. Wow! Leslie is fabulous! I could listen to him talk for days. His personality & style of delivery is pitch-perfect for my tastes.

    I am so glad I listened to this webinar. I knew a little about some of the weirdness of Panda but didn’t really understand. This negative/penalty ranking for not ranking is insane, and making nonsensical things up that cannot be quantified for use as qualifiers….. Perhaps the Panda brother that created this also creates eBay’s infamous policy & “logic”.

    Again, I am so glad I listened to this before I began building my new eCommerce website. Thank you for packing soooo much explanation & information into your webinar!

    Here’s something that I recently heard about Google Panda and duplicate content that I thought was useful: I believe the use of I-Frame is not penalized as duplicate content. I sincerely hope this is true.

    Thank you, Don, for making this replay available! It’s better than live because there was so much that I needed to back-up and replay a few times to get my notes right.

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