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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

How To Permanently Eliminate Facebook RequestsAre you one of the millions who isn’t interested in playing Farmville (congratulations on being a good steward of your time, BTW) and are tired of seeing huge numbers of time-consuming requests every time you get on Facebook?

If you follow a simple trick each time you get a request, your requests will steadily decrease and you’ll find the entire process of approving friends will be significantly less time consuming in the future.

Facebook invites

If you’re like most people, when you get a request, you click the blue Ignore button. But that means that the next person who wants to invite you to participate in that time-sucking app can send you another invitation, causing you to have to ignore it over and over again.

There’s a solution to that. Instead of clicking the blue Ignore button, click the Block This Application link. That generates a popup asking you if you want to prevent others from sending you invitations and requests for this application and will prevent this application from getting any info about you.

Block Facebook Application

Exactly what you want! So, don’t click Ignore, click Block This Application instead. It takes a few more seconds now, but prevents hours of having to click ignore for the same offer over time.

And there’s one more thing – if you find that you have a particularly obnoxious friend who wants to ruin your life by inviting you to every thing that comes along, (we’ve all had a few!) simply click the Ignore All Invites From This Feed link to block them from sending you future invitations.

Don’t worry, the person who invited you will never know that you’ve blocked that specific application or have blocked them all together. They may ask why you never participate in anything…

But that’s a whole different answer!

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