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2013 Social Media Strategy Part 2: Sharable Content

With the new year around the corner it’s time for a social media strategy for 2013. If you missed the first part of the strategy, take a look  here: 2013 Social Media Strategy Part 1: Social Audit. Here is another part of your social media strategy that you need to take a look at for […]

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Which Brand of Social Media is Right for Your Business? – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about some principles of Facebook and Twitter to help you determine if one or both of those sites for social media is right for your business. In Part 2, we will discuss LinkedIn and YouTube. Both, along with the first two sites are great for getting your message out to […]

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How To Add Text Subtitles To YouTube Videos

If you’ve seen my YouTube videos, you’ll see that most of them show the text of the video in text at the bottom of the screen. It’s done as part of YouTube’s closed captioning service. You definitely want to implement closed captioning for your videos and setting it so that its on by default. Doing […]

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5 Reasons You Must Use Video in Your Social Media

Bold statement: If you’re not using video in your social media, you’re Making a huge mistake Being penny wise and pound foolish Not truly understanding where social media is, and where it’s going. Choose any two. First there was the radio, an experience that was eventually improved and  enhanced (some say) by the invention of […]

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Can corporate videos go viral?

Want to go viral? We know that videos can go viral that are about dance and they work if you can sing like an angel Or if your little brother keeps biting you: But can it work for company videos? Let me break it to you – it probably can’t if you just create a […]

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