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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Want to go viral?

We know that videos can go viral that are about dance

and they work if you can sing like an angel

Or if your little brother keeps biting you:

But can it work for company videos?

Let me break it to you – it probably can’t if you just create a promotional commercial.

But it can, if you get creative, and can create something viral worthy. It probably won’t get 100 million plus views, but you can still get tons!

You could blend an iPad:

You could put an alarm on your Microsoft software:

yes, I know that wasn’t a Microsoft video, but it should have been!

Skittles is going to hit soon with some of theirs:

Here’s a Craftsman shot that’s got a great chance at scoring viral:

to join the success of this one:

and don’t forget this one:

So, why do these, clearly corporate videos go viral?

1. They’re cool

2. They’re unexpected

3. They’re not just purely promoting the brand, they’re promoting cool and unexpected.

So, what cool, unexpected thing can you put onto film that will build your company, brand, or image?

Know of other great viral corporate videos? Disagree with our conclusion? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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  1. ” provided that you have a camera to shoot with”

    Or even a phone! With something like this it’s the idea that’s important rather than quality.

    There are small video recorders available from the Far East for just a few dollars (look for the keyring versions, for example) and most compact digital cameras also have video capability.

    And time? Yes, it’s an investment, like any other, but it’s advertising that won’t ‘go away’ – unlike today’s newspaper ad which is tomorrow’s kitty-litter tray liner – instead it can be incorporated into web pages, blogs, as an email footer, news item etc.

  2. Cool, Unexpected… That’s fine. I like watching them but what’s the ROI? If you’re a small business owner spending $2-5k/mo on marketing, this probably isn’t the greatest investment. Thoughts? BTW, the investment would be more than money. Think of the time for the average small biz owner.

    1. Great comment. These were definitely high-budget, corporate-level films (except the willitblend ones which only cost the cost of the iPad and their set.) So they will need a higher return to get a positive ROI. But you don’t need to spend a lot to create good video. It’s the content that matters, not the production value. Go back up to the viral examples at the top of the post. Those were all created with normal video cameras, even cell phones.

      To go back to my point – it’s being unexpected and interesting that makes the difference. Those can be produced at VERY low costs, provided that you have a camera to shoot with.

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