Email Tag Tutorial

Want to make your email marketing 10x more effective? Start using email tags effectively. Unfortunately, not all email systems give you the capability to do this, you’ll need to be using one that allows tagging, like Active Campaign, Keap, or ConvertKit, but the difference tagging makes in the results you get from your email marketing […]

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8 Lead Magnet Essentials

Do you want to create an amazing lead magnet, opt-in incentive or content upgrade? One that’s going to get all kinds of traffic and attention, and most importantly, people to sign up for your email list? There are eight key elements that go into an amazing lead magnet. Watch an abbreviated version on video: 1. […]

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How To Stop Procrastinating – 7 Steps

I, like you, am constantly working on how to stop procrastinating. Procrastination’s like this beast that sits there in the background and occasionally reaches up its claw and tries to grab you and pull you down into the morass of getting absolutely nothing done. So, how do we stop procrastinating? How do we shift from […]

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