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Facebook Interest Lists: A Tool You Should Be Using

I found a blog post where a consultant said her client was giving up on her social media strategy she designed because his Facebook news stream was too overwhelming. She had her client list the top 25 influences he wanted to connect with. Then she taught him how to put those people in an interest list […]

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Getting Viral With It, On Twitter

One of the major benefits to Twitter is it’s tide -like ability to sweep up a link of yours, grab it in its tremendous current, and sweep it out into an ocean of link love. Poetic, no? Twitter can do for you what no other tool can do quite as well. So harness its built […]

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Free social media tracking!

There are many companies that track your brand, company and name through social media, but most of them are quite costly. However there’s one site that gives you a pretty good indication of how you’re doing, and it comes at my favorite price: free! It’s called socialmention.com SocialMention.com allows you to search on anything,a brand […]

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