3 Simple Pages That Form The Crux Of All Online Marketing

Let’s simplify things:

There are only 3 web pages that form the crux of all online marketing:

  1. An Optin Page (or Squeeze Page)
  2. A Value Page (or Landing Page)
  3. A Sales Page

And if you get those three right, you’re well on your way to making a living online!

It’s worth it to study those three types of pages, to test them incessantly, and to learn everything you can about them!

In other words, to master these three types of pages!

Here’s an excellent video by Brendon Burchard that walks you through each of these types of pages and that helps you understand what they must contain and how to make them work for you.

CLICK HERE -> Learn how to use the 3 simple pages that form the crux of all online marketing.

3 Simple Pages That Form The Crux Of All Online Marketing

Plus, in this video, Brendon shows some absolutely amazing results of what’s happened when he’s used these exact three pages to create brands and build his business.

And, he even shows a case study from someone I know you’ll recognize, and how he used these same pages in his marketing campaign. And, that case study has nothing to do with Internet Marketing!

I found so much value in this video that I created a summary outline to help you maximize your learning from this video. Actually, I went a bit farther than just an outline. There was so much to learn from Brendon’s presentation, both about what he’s presenting and as an example of how to use free videos both to teach and to pre-sell your product, that I recorded a bunch of key elements from the video. I encourage you to read this, after you watch the video, to cement the learnings, and the way he taught them, in your mind.

CLICK HERE -> Download the video summary

Video Outline - 3 Simple Pages That Form The Crux Of All Online Marketing


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