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Don Crowther

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

How to get more ROI from conferences and meetings
Want to double the value you get from attending a live conference or meeting?

It’s up to you!

Seriously, how much you get out of conferences is a matter of choice, actually a series of choices.

And the better you make those choices, the more likely you are to walk away with information and contacts that will make a huge difference in your business.

Here’s the problem. Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve watched a series of bad habits creeping into the live conference world.

Habits that are negatively affecting the ROI that everyone who adopts them gets from those conferences.

This troubled me enough that I created a webinar where I outline those bad choices, and recommend positive action to correct them.

Of course, these are my opinions, you may disagree with them. But think about them anyway, and you may just change your mind!

I also teach some of the systems I use to maximize the return I get. Perhaps you may find them valuable!

Here’s the video:

And here’s where you can download the slides for How To Double The Value You Get From Live Conferences.

And while we’re talking about live conferences, make sure you’re on the notification list to get news about my upcoming live conference as soon as its announced.

What do you think of the information in this video? Agree? Disagree? Let me know by adding a comment, and don’t forget to Like and Tweet it!

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  1. Don, thanks for putting the effort into this. It made a significant difference in what I was able to get from Social Profit Live. This is the kind of thing that separates you from most other trainers.
    Thanks. Andy

  2. Thanks so much for providing the PDF! It’s much easier for me to take the time to skim through printed material than to allocate time for a full recording.

  3. Don –
    Loved this presentation. You are consistently down to earth and real. You reinforced a number of things that I already did and gave me a few ideas of things to try. I could not agree more that writing things down is critical and I mention that to my coaching clients often. Even if you never look at your notes again, just the process of writing things down imprints thoughts in your mind more than you could ever imagine — well, ok you could, but many can’t.

    Loved your commentary around standing outside of the conference areas and talking in the halls. “do you want to partner with people who think they know everything?” made me laugh, yet shared an important thought process.

    I also related very personally to your comment about being an introvert! It is super easy for me to get up on a stage and present to a large audience, but I get quite shy when in networking situations, cocktail parties, etc. I had to learn to put my acting skills to use as well. One of the tricks that I learned a long time ago was to look around the room and find other people that are by themselves and start a conversation with them. It has worked like a charm for years. I have found that more people feel insecure at this type of thing than those that are right at home. After many times of this you will find that opening yourself up gets easier and easier.

    The one thing others might consider for your own business cards is a QR code that gets people to your contact info really easy. The other thing for biz cards is to make sure that your card is scanable! I have tried to scan a number of biz cards that the scanner cannot read because the font is too flourish or the background is too dark. Keep it simple! Also, if your logo is your business name, consider having your business name printed somewhere on the card too. Scanners often can’t read the logo.

    Recently, I was introduced to a fairly new product called ContactKeeper. The tool was created just for networking and business cards. You might be interested in checking them out I have tested a few of their tools and find them to work quite well.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. I’ve actively shared this as well.
    To your success!

  4. Don, this is excellent stuff!

    I do very similar things (I’m a writer and Prof) and 97.8 % of the people in the world haven’t got a clue about what you are saying.

    Most college students flatly a) do not take notes and b) wouldn’t know how if you asked them to.

    Most pople do not know how to listen (don’t know the difference between listening and hearing, for example).

    Most people cannot speak in public either (hence the dissonance between the slides and what the speaker is saying or which is the more important…

    And/OR most speakers do not know how to write either so they don’t put the right things on the slides or Overheads (or they crowd the slides etc etc.).

    You and Walker are right about how to do it.

    Extremely refreshing!

    We have to talk at a high level!

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