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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

HowToGetRidOfSpamAre you frustrated with spam filling up your inbox?

There’s a great way to get rid of it, permanently.

Watch this video to see how:

It may take learning a new system, but it’s well worth it to

  • Not have to process spam anymore
  • Save time
  • Save frustration
  • And maybe even save money!

Yes, it is worth it!

What’s your opinion about this? Got a better way? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to Like and Tweet it!

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  1. I agree that GMail does a good job of filtering, but I can’t handle page views, a cumbersome and time-consuming process a symptom of webmail email handlers. Instead, I use Outlook and set my Junk email filter to high. That way I won’t lose false positives (email that you want that still lands into junk). Then every morning first thing I do a 30-second scrolling peruse of the junk email folder to make sure none of the good guys (like you Don) didn’t get flung into Junk email. Then I simply empty the junk email folder.and on with my day. Most of the Viagra, Rolex, etc. are caught at, my provider (I love ’em).

  2. Google reads your mail and serves ads based on your private emails content.

    That is worse than spam and I would never use it.

    Most hosting companies offer spam filters that will do a similar job without the worlds largest data-mining company reading your mail.

    1. There’s no human reading your mail, there’s a computer program which assesses the topic and serves up ads based on it. Frankly, I’m not worried about it.

  3. Don, I was desperate t see you make your video, but it was 1am here in the UK before the call started and I’d had a very long day with another long day planned for today so, discretion being the better part of valor, I missed you. Please can you post the recording.

  4. My ISP has a service called “Mail Armory”. It’s simple. Your email goes to where it is screened. Clean mail goes to your regular inbox. You can then go to your mailarmory account via your web browser and review captured mail and trash mail.

    Mail is scored on a scale of 1 to 10. I set my capture at 2 (very aggressive) and trash everything 7 or higher. A huge percentage never even gets to either one. But I don’t lose the stuff I want that gets captured either. Captured mail is held for a week; the other is gone after 2 days.

    You can go in, review the captured and trash emails, then choose to release, always accept or delete
    each message with no hassle.

    You can whitelist or blacklist any sender addresses you want accepted regardless or ignored.

    They also trap viruses in email automatically.

    Details at


  5. Gmail is fantastic about filtering spam. My biggest complaint is that very occasionally something that isn’t spam gets filtered out – so it pays to check your spam folder occasionally. I’ve used Gmail for 6 years now, and cannot imagine doing it another way.

    This may not be a better way – but you can set up Gmail to fetch mail from other email accounts. The accounts must be POP enabled and you will need to know the correct server name and port. You also choose whether or not to leave a copy on the server. I’ve used this method to check my multiple email accounts as well as accounts for clients.

    Thanks for the great info!

    1. I’m aware of that, but didn’t want to get into the technicalities of it in this video. It may well happen in a future one though!


  6. Gmail also gives you the option to filter spam to automatically delete, in case you have a repeat offender that makes it impossible to unsubscribe. Gotta love Google.

  7. Hey Don – yes I agree entirely!

    I fwd my email to gmail (from my own domain host) then I ALSO fwd that back to another POP a/c for my domain, using an unintelligible address eg rs*****@yo********.com

    I set up Outlook so that the “reply to” and “from” are also the ORIGINAL email address (it’s one I’ve had for ages and don’t wish to change it since it is connected with so many things in my life haha!) but are using the new POP a/c to send/receive.

    This way I use Google to “wash” my mail before it comes to me. I also use the same Gmail a/c to read my mail on via iPhone & iPad etc …

    Totally agree with you that Gmail has the BEST spam filter ever. I monitored it for 6 months while still receiving all my mail to my old Outlook POP a/c (redirected to a sub-folder) and never was there one false-positive.

    Another advantage is that in Gmail, if you Archive & don’t trash, then you can ALWAYS find something you lost!

    Great stuff Don & thanks for sharing …

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