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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

11 Serious Power Tools To Make Your Business More Efficient

There are many ways to accomplish a task. You can take 5 minutes and get a cramp screwing in a 3″ screw with a screwdriver, you can cut the time to 30 seconds with a power drill, or fly through it in 3 seconds with an impact driver (have you ever tried one of those? They’re wicked powerful!)

Business is like that too. You can do a task in an hour, or, if you have the right tools/systems, you can accomplish it in minutes, sometimes seconds.

My team and I have developed a whole set of tools, systems and skills over the past 18 years that enable us to accomplish amazing amounts of work in a fraction of the time it could take without those systems.

We call them PowerTools.

Because these are turbocharged, serious tools that accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time, focus your efforts on what brings in the revenue, and make it easier to do many of the tasks that you do every day.

11 Serious Power Tools To Make Your Business More Efficient

In this webinar I’ll teach you about 11 of the many tools, systems and strategies I use to perform more efficiently, including:

  •  The system I use that focuses 40% of my time on the one thing that generates the bulk of my revenues
  •  An ingenious system I use to cut 40%-60% out of the time I spend creating every video
  •  The $200 tool that’s been repeatedly shown to increase productivity by 20% or more for everyone who uses it
  •  The little-known tool that enables you to find any file on your computer in a fraction of the time
  •  A drop-dead simple organization system I use that saves me 30-60 seconds every time I open or close a file on my computer
  •  The 3 key tools my team uses to stay organized and focused on the key tasks that have to be performed
  •  The $9 tool that instantly creates a 48-minute window of productivity in my life every time I use it
  •  And more! You’ll definitely NOT want to miss this one.

Here is the replay link.

Here are links to some of the tools mentioned in the webinar. Remember to always uncheck any add-ons such as tool bars, when downloading new plug-ins or software. No matter who recommends them. It is important to have your anti-virus software up to date so new platforms can be scanned for safety.




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  1. I attended the webinar and thought it was helpful. I’d like to see more webinars like this, where you or others present vetted productivity tools or practices that help us maximize efficiency. Thanks.

  2. Hi Don, so sorry to have missed this webinar. Like you I’m constantly trying to improve my day more productive and I’m not only talking about my business.

    Is there any chance this was recorded for listening to later for those who couldn’t make the live session?

    I look forward to more interesting topics!

  3. Hi Don,
    I’m nearly 68 and am still using a snow shovel (in more ways than one). It’s timewasting, AND a bit risky – though I do pace myself when actually Shovelling!

    I’ve registered for this Webinar because i really need the advice, but it will start at 2.00 am UK time and even if I risk family wrath I’m almost certain to fall asleep during it.

    Is there any chance of my being able to catch a replay somewhere please?


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