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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Why People Take Facebook Vacations

Do you know anyone who has eliminated their Facebook profile entirely or who has taken a break from Facebook?

You probably do:

61% of Facebook users have taken a Facebook Vacation for several weeks or more, and 20% of online adults once used Facebook but don’t any longer.

Here’s an infographic that shows why:

Why people take a Facebook Vacation
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Does this mean that Facebook is going out of business next month? Absolutely not!

But it does show that not everyone is happy with Facebook and that Facebook does need to address these problems to hold onto their dominance long term.

Have you ever taken a break from Facebook or stopped using it altogether? Please share the reason why and your comments about the information from this infographic by leaving a comment below. Plus, don’t forget to share, like, tweet and pin this, and to repost this infographic to your site using the embed code below:

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  1. I have had great business success on FB. But it is a chore to manage when all I want to do is create stuff. Funny that I love networking in person and on LinkedIn but not on FB. I dumped FB because it drained me more than it gave to me. The cost to benefit on a personal level was not there for me. It made me feel unauthentic. But that is just me.

    I have a need to connect with others just like everyone else but FB is just a false satisfier. And like with any false satisfier, it just makes you want more without every feeling full.

    FB also makes it’s participants a commodity. If you have a FB account, you are a commodity which they market. And maybe in the future I will again take advantage of how FB commoditizes it’s subscribers… or pay someone to do it for me. I mean, everyone else does, including the author of this post.

  2. I have never been into it that much. I don’t like the gossip and I have some family members there that I don’t like so they need to get deleted.. DRAMA. I have used Facebook ads and it got too costly with limited results so I stopped it.

  3. Yes, I’ve been dropping out of facebook, nice to know I’m not alone…it gets to be the same old same old….all these inspirational quotes with a pretty pic…okay, been there done that…enough already.

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