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SEO Luminary Leslie Rohde Webinar

Dominate the new Google Through Social Media Most everyone understands that social media does amazing things for their bottom line. But what they don’t realize is the incredible search engine ranking improvements you can get through social media! Here’s the 90 minute webinar replay to teach you how, and exactly what to do to capitalize […]

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8 Great Ways to Dodge The Twitter Unfollow Button

In a sense, social media is like one big popularity contest. The in crowd has loads of Twitter followers, tons of Facebook friends. They get ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ and LinkedIn like they were born to do it. Then you have the unlucky crew who finds themselves unfriended. Unfollowed! Even blocked. Let’s seat you in at […]

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9 Ways to Get More Blog Readers From Twitter

Twitter has it’s rabid fans. It also has it’s eye-rolling detractors. But whatever your take on Twitter might be, the truth is that – used correctly  – Twitter can be a great way to gain fans, open doors, and really drive traffic. In fact, today I’m going to talk about using Twitter to drive traffic […]

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How to track Twitter links to any site

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to see and track all Twitter links that point to your (or to any other) site? You could go to, but the only links that would appear there are ones that don’t use a URL shortener (as you know, the vast majority of links do.) […]

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How to find key influencers on Twitter

One key to building your impact in social media is to follow (and hopefully be followed by) key influencers in your subject area on Twitter. Some are obviously out promoting themselves so aren’t hard to find. But others, arguably some of the key influencers in any market, take some sleuthing to find. Enter Google. You […]

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What’s the ideal length of a Twitter post?

140 characters. Right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Why? Because if you write a 140 character Twitter post, nobody can retweet it without editing it. And since people are lazy, you aren’t getting retweeted! What’s worse, is if your post is difficult to edit, like, for example a famous quote. So what is the correct length for […]

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The Twitter NoFollow myth debunked

I hear it all the time: “Twitter links are useless from an SEO standpoint because Twitter nofollows everything.” (Remember that nofollow is a way of indicating to the search engines that a particular link shouldn’t pass “credit” from a search engine standpoint. It’s a way of discouraging spammers from abusing Twitter, blogs, and sites.) If […]

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Social networking sites as evidence: Like it or not, your government IS spying on you

The right to privacy really isn’t a right, especially online, and even more especially if you’re expecting it to be true on social networks. While we’ve known this, it has now been confirmed through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Electronic Frontier Foundation In response to that request, the Department of Justice has […]

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The 10 Commandments Of Twitter Posting

After watching many people do incredibly stupid things on Twitter, the following 10 commandments are key to Twitter success: 1. Thou shalt consider thy Twitter followers to be one of thy most important assets – use it wisely and don’t abuse it. 2. Thou shalt add value in (almost) everything thou choosest to post. 3. […]

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