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How To Stop Procrastinating – 7 Steps

I, like you, am constantly working on how to stop procrastinating. Procrastination’s like this beast that sits there in the background and occasionally reaches up its claw and tries to grab you and pull you down into the morass of getting absolutely nothing done. So, how do we stop procrastinating? How do we shift from […]

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Tools To Make Working At Home Easier – Hardware

I constantly meet people who are struggling with things that they’re trying to do online. And when I look at their hardware setup it’s clear that things would be so much easier if they would just made a couple of little hardware changes. So, let’s talk about a few of those and how they can […]

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Are You Doing The Right Things?

So many of us spend our time and energies focusing on doing things right when we’ve never asked the question “am I doing the right thing?” Here’s how I discovered that in my own life. So many of us go through life working so hard all the time on doing things right yet so often […]

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How to Change the World

I’m convinced that in almost everything, there’s a better way. Our job is to figure out what that is in our lives and in our business. AND what’s really cool is when you figure out that better way, then share it with others. That way you change the world… Back when I was in junior […]

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This Powerful Productivity Technique Is Great For Working From Home

One of the toughest aspects of working, much less working from home, is being productive while there are so many distractions around us. Here’s a technique I learned from Alex Mandosian that has made huge differences in my business: It’s called The 48-Minute Technique™, and for the cost of a simple $8.97 kitchen countdown timer you can […]

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Managing Emotions During Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected us all, some way more than others. So how do you manage your emotions during this important time? Here are a few of the things I’ve found helpful in keeping me up and functioning in times of stress and struggle. 1. Instead of focusing on what I can’t do, this is a […]

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