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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

There are some insanely popular blogs out there. You probably have heard of the biggies, like: The Huffington Post, Mashable!, TechCrunch and Gizmodo. But today let’s talk about a more achievable, lower case P “popular blogs,” and how to make your blog one of those.

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Every blog has a shot at gaining a big readership.  Here are few great ways to make sure that your blog posts are influential, tweetable and hopefully – even a bit addictive.

Make sure that your blog is…

  1. Plugged In
    Networking counts and it counts big in the Blogosphere. The first and best way to drive folks to your blog is to be an active participant on theirs. Comment frequently on a blog whose readers you’d like to attract. (But always add to the conversation in an genuine way. Spammy comments will only hurt your brand and actually repel readers.)
  2. Scintillating
    Don’t trump up fake controversy, but you also shouldn’t be afraid of the real thing, either. Controversial topics and debates can make your site the go-to place for readers.  Who doesn’t love a heated debate? It’s human nature to want to ‘watch’ one, so capitalize on it.
  3. Takeaway Heavy
    I always make sure my blog posts don’t just ‘sit there’, passively, on the page. They should be alive …they should get into the readers brain and linger there, long after they have browsed away from your blog. When you write a post, think about it from the readers’ point of view. Are you just talking about stuff or are you giving your readers something they can act upon and improve their lives with?
  4. Detailed
    Do your homework, back up your point of view with facts. Talking in generalities about your industry will still gain you readers but if you can include references to research and if you go a little deeper, it will up the chances they can return. It will also up the chances that you will be quoted and linked to, by other bloggers!
  5. Personal & Passionate
    “Write what you know” is age-old writing advice. Your best, most compelling blog posts will happen when you write about topics that are near and dear to your heart. Don’t shy away from writing with passion, either. Seeing you care about a topic will make readers care about your posts!

What blogger has inspired loyalty in you? Who do you follow and recommend your friends to? Why? What specifically made them stand out in your mind?

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  1. Wonderful ideas to make blog popular in search engine and good advice to stay away your blog from spammy comments because especially google hates spam activity in term of comments

  2. Don,
    Thanks for the advice. I often struggle with how to get people to read my blog. As a journalist, I believe my content is engaging, but I have a tendency to play it safe and not go for controversy as you suggest. It’s hard with a small business blog. Perhaps you could write a post on how to make business topics more scintillating.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for all the tips. I totally agree with you. I definetly want my reader to feel he/ she got good source of information to what he/she was looking for. My blog is about beauty ,fashion, travelling and food. So I get to share all my experiences with my readers and hopefully something can benefit them.:D

    My blog is few weeks old. I want to join few networking sites in order to get my blog out there. Any suggestions?

  4. What can I say about your methods?They are the most balanced of them all.
    You see,fewer and fewer people consider social skills as an important must-have when you voice your opinion.A lot of advices I read from others were concentrated about the technical bit,but you hit right at the source!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.At least you made someone happy.:D

  5. Thanks a lot Don, for this very valuable and important information.
    Many bloggers do sin while writing for themselves and not for their readers.( i know it, because i was one of them) it is a kind of small switch you must turn on, if you do want to be heard, listened to or driving people or traffic to your website.
    The problem is that most people DON’T use the smart advice you just gave them. they prefer to stay in their COMFORT ZONE in doing nothing, hoping somthing will come up.
    That is the reason why i relly want to thank you for your valuable advices,it really helps focusing!

    thanks again


  6. Thanks Don! I have heard a few of these tips before, but they’re usually more mumbo-jumbo and less to the point. You are articulate, communicate well, and don’t need fluff. I will enjoy reading more of your content in the future!

  7. Hi Don,

    Thank you for this friendly, yet beneficial blog. I have a blog that I would love to grow up to serve the same purpose. Now my question is this: what theme is your blog. Somehow, mine seems more complicated to run, but I love it all the same. I want one to give snipets of all my articles on the front page like yours.

    Thank you for any advice.

  8. All 5 points are very true-Without writing good content your readers go and do not come back-seems to me if you start getting some comments from readers good or bad you know you have sparked a interest for them to come back to your blog-Very helpful post.

  9. Don,
    Hello, and thanks for this valuable information.
    I really need to go after #1 more vigorously. I can see how doing so will increase my traffic and of course the readership of my blog posts.
    Thanks again~ Barbara

  10. Hi.

    You have some very solid advice here and do pretty much all your five steps already I think.

    My blog is only one month old and now I’m working on getting it out there in the Blogosphere. So I was wondering if you have any tips on networking sites to join? I have only found two I like so far, MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog.


  11. Hi Don. I watched your Social Profit Formula webinar last night and was deeply disppointed that I didnt
    have the money to buy it. Disappointed is a real understatement. I am a newbie marketer and very cash-strapped as the only part-time income earner in my family – but had the launch been two months later I would have had the funds. I am intending to focus on marketing for local businesses and this is the KEY missing piece to the puzzle. I would give anything to have this package and really want to ask you to seriously consider opening it up again in the future. Im sure there were a lot of other disappointed people like me. Please give it some serious thought – I would be so appreciative. How would I get onto an early bird list for any other courses you might be releasing as well as a re-release of this one ? Thanks Chantelle

  12. Great points, I really like #2. What are you for, what are you against fits nicely in the “Scintillating” category. Its a bit scary stepping out on the ledge of truth but your readers will love you more and perhaps hate you more but they will read more!

  13. Very useful list! It’s odd but it seems that most people really don’t think about the ramifications of their actions and how their approach should be modified per the media they are in.

  14. Don,

    Great advice!

    However, I was wondering in trying to “write what you know”, how do you do that without
    sounding fake or like you are trying to pitch something?

    These days, I find a lot of blog posts contain too much spammy filler and not enough meat.

    What is your advice to keep it real?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Anthony Whyms

    1. The key is to provide great value in everything you post. If it doesn’t provide value, don’t post it, period.


      1. Hi Don, I totally agree with you. Internet users are looking for valuable content and when they get a website with good content, they will keep coming back.

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