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Building Traffic Through The Rel=Author Tag

Question: If you were searching on Google, and saw these three results, which result would you be most likely to click? It’s highly likely that you chose the middle one. That extra picture draws the eye and unconsciously adds credibility. Hence, it gets the click. So how do you get your picture added to your […]

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How To Clear Your Google Search History

Are you aware that Google tracks all of your searches and clicks on all of their properties (Google, Google+, YouTube, Maps, Picasa, etc.?) It’s really rather fascinating to look at your own behavior, and I strongly recommend that you check it out at https://www.google.com/history But to some, there’s a darker side to all of this, […]

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How to find key influencers on Twitter

One key to building your impact in social media is to follow (and hopefully be followed by) key influencers in your subject area on Twitter. Some are obviously out promoting themselves so aren’t hard to find. But others, arguably some of the key influencers in any market, take some sleuthing to find. Enter Google. You […]

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