Page Analytics (by Google) – A Valuable Free Tool

Would you like to be able to instantly see exactly how much traffic you're getting to any of your site's pages while you're actually on the page?

There's a Google tool that allows you to do that!

Page Analytics From Google

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It's called Page Analytics (by Google) and it's a free Chrome plugin that automatically shows you (the numbers below refer back to the numbers in the image above):

  • Pageviews (1)
  • Unique Pageviews (2)
  • Average Time On Page (3)
  • Bouncerate (4)
  • Percentage Of Visitors Who Exited From That Page (5)
  • The Number of Real-time Visitors you have on your page at the moment (6)
  • A clicks overlay of your page, showing the percentage of clicks that have occured from that link (not always trustworthy data, especially in your navigation section.) (9)You can also view colored overlays for each link by clicking the rainbow box in the lower right corner (8)
    Page Analytics From Google Color Overlay

Plus, you get the ability to view this data by up to 4 segments (including specific segments you have set up in your Google Analytics account) (11)

Segmenting Options

Choose from multiple preset options plus segments you've created yourself

Compare Segments

You can compare up to 4 segments at once

And to compare this data verses the same period a month ago (7)

Compare versus a month ago

Check the box to compare results versus a month ago

Plus, you can easily switch between analytics accounts (12) and view the data directly within Google Analytics (13)

All for free.


The only thing that's missing is the ability to see this data for any page on any website :). But that's never going to happen! Sorry, but you can only see the data for sites where you are authorized to view the analytics data.

To get it, simply click here to download the Chrome plugin, activate it, the click the Page Analytics by Google button in your browser bar at the top of your page.

Download And Install Page Analytics By Google

I recommend you use Page Analytics by Google:

Why? Because it makes it easier for you to focus on the traffic data for that particular page.

Unfortunately, when we look at analytics, individual pages get lost in all the other data from their competing pages. By using this tool, you will see the data for one page at a time, making it easier to grab insights on how to build that particular page's performance.

After all, every page you create should be contributing to your overall performance, and tiny tweaks can oftentimes create huge traffic increases!

Several caveats:

  • You can only use it with Google Chrome. But given the current state of the browser market, that should be your default browser anyway
  • You have to be logged into Google with the account where your analytics are located at the time you view your page to have this work
  • Don't want to see the data on a given page? Simply click the two up arrows in the upper right corner of the Real-time box (10), and it will scrunch up into a significantly smaller box

Action Item:

Download the free Page Analytics from Google Chrome plugin to make it easier to pay more attention to individual page stats now!

Then pin and share this image!

See Page Traffic While You Browse With Page Analytics From Google

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