Google Analytics – How To Analyze Your Traffic And Improve Your Profits!

The Google Analytics Website Analysis Process

You know there’s tremendous power in tracking analyzing your traffic using tools like Google Analytics.

But, if you’re normal, you probably have no clue how to actually profit from all those charts and numbers in your analytics reports.

Let’s fix that!

Here’s a recording of a Google Analytics training webinar I did with Analytics Expert George Gill, showing exactly how to look at the data your Google Analytics provides.

Most importantly, it shows

  • How to decode the information your analytics provides to decide whether it’s good or bad
  • How to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Exactly what to do in each type of situation so you can make improvements – what report(s) to look at, and what problem to solve in each situation.

This is powerful training. It gets a little complex from time to time, so feel free to rewind that spot and listen again! But do listen until you understand it, because there’s gold in this video!

George also references a very special offer for additional training in the video. Frankly, I think everyone who has a website ought to jump on this – just the ability to get Analytics support when you need it is well worth the price he’s asking.

Check out that special offer here

Important Note

As I mentioned, there are a few places where, to the average person, this webinar got deep. But to those who understand analytics, they weren’t deep at all!

Just like SEO, social media, and ad targeting, truly understanding analytics takes a bit of training. It’s not hard, it’s just different.

Which is why I strongly recommend that you get some formal training in Analytics. Trust me, looking at analytics with a trained eye enables you to see things that untrained people never recognize.

So far, I’ve yet to meet anyone out there who does as good a job at explaining Google Analytics and how to turn it into a powerful tool better than George!

Which is why I invited George to present an opportunity to you for simple, yet indepth training that focuses on how to make Google Analytics make you more money!

And here’s the cool thing. He threw into that program a way to get your Analytics questions answered for life! I don’t know of anyplace else out there that offers this. And that part alone is worth a fortune. Even if that’s the only reason you buy, it’s worth every penny!

Learn More About George’s Training Program Here

I highly recommend this!

What did you think of this webinar? What are you going to do differently with your Google Analytics? Leave me a comment below to let me know. And, don’t forget to Like, +1, Share, Tweet, Tumble and Pin this post!


Don Crowther

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