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6 Sexy Ways to Write Great Blog Headlines

It’s the first thing your readers see. It’s how you get those readers engaged and reading your posts.  It’s how you get them to go ahead and just please click…that…link.  It’s your blog post headline. And it’s important. If you want to write a great blog, with a great big readership, you have to write […]

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Creating linkbait blog posts

Want more traffic and links? Perhaps you need to write more scintillating headlines and blog posts. (Definition – Linkbait: a term used to describe a variety of practices that focus on generating attention and incoming links from other sites and blogs. Some linkbaiting practices are good, many sketchy, but it’s clearly an area worth thinking […]

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Where should your blog be located?

It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries (well almost) “where should I put my blog?” Basically, there are three options (this assumes your blog is supporting your site, not a stand-alone blog, like this one:) In a subfolder ( As a subdomain ( On a separate site ( While there are advantages and disadvantages to each, […]

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