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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Thank you for investing in Instant Infographic Creator through my link.

Here are the bonuses I promised:

1. The key to getting other people to embed your infographic in their blogs and articles, giving you additional links, traffic and additional expert status.

This tactic has two parts.

A. Use a tool that automatically creates an infographic embed box into your post.
Because WordPress fouls up HTML code that you put into a post, follow the instructions here to create your own embed code, allowing other people to embed your infographic into their post. (Don’t forget to switch to HTML mode before you paste it in or WordPress will foul it up.)

B. Ask people to embed it.
Yes, it’s that simple. In your blog post give people permission to embed your infographic in their posts as long as they use the code on your page, and encourage them to do so. And, if you send out an email about it (a good idea,) ask your email audience to share it with others and embed it in their posts too. Trust me, it really works!

2. The little known secret to getting huge traffic to your sites by legally and ethically using other people’s infographics. This tactic really works and is responsible for a nice chunk of traffic to each of my sites.

This process is basically the opposite of tip #1 – whenever you find a great infographic that your audience would find valuable, look for an embed code on the page. If you can’t find one, find their contact us link and drop them a note, complimenting them on their great infographic, telling them that you would like to share it with your audience, and asking their permission to do so, including a link to their site. 90% of the time, I get a quick reply giving me permission to do so. If they say no. no problem, just drop the idea or create your own original infographic.

Once you get permission, write a blog post summarizing the information in the infographic in your own words, adding your own perspective and information on it, then embed their infographic, link to them, and hit publish. You’ll likely be amazed at how much traffic will come to that page, which took you very little time and effort to create.

Want to see some examples? Here are a couple from this site:

Enjoy Instant Infographics Creator! Make sure to send me links to the ones you create – I look forward to seeing them!