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How To Use Segments In Google Analytics

One of the most powerful tools in Google Analytics is the ability to create segments. Segments enable you to quickly and easily combine different groups of visitors then see how those visitors interact with your site versus everyone else. One of my favorite ways to use segments is in measuring how people coming from organic Google […]

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Page Analytics (by Google) – A Valuable Free Tool

Would you like to be able to instantly see exactly how much traffic you’re getting to any of your site’s pages while you’re actually on the page? There’s a Google tool that allows you to do that! It’s called Page Analytics (by Google) and it’s a free Chrome plugin that automatically shows you (the numbers […]

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Google Analytics – How To Analyze Your Traffic And Improve Your Profits!

You know there’s tremendous power in tracking analyzing your traffic using tools like Google Analytics. But, if you’re normal, you probably have no clue how to actually profit from all those charts and numbers in your analytics reports. Let’s fix that! Here’s a recording of a Google Analytics training webinar I did with Analytics Expert […]

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