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Don Crowther

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Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Proven Strategies and Techniques To Build YOUR Business

Don Crowther

At Last…
Someone to Hold Your Hand to Help You Create a Profitable InfoProducts Business!

Here’s a Simple Way
to Build a Profitable InfoProducts Business
in the Next 8 Weeks or Less! 

Unfortunately, starting and running an InfoProducts business is a lot more difficult than it sounds. And, here’s an unknown little secret…

Read on to discover how you can spend a day at my office getting hands-on consulting from me


But what if you had an experienced mentor to help you do it right? A guide who will hold your hand, step-by-step along the path, showing you exactly what to do and what not to do, helping you build a powerful, profitable business?


I’m Don Crowther, and I’ve built multiple successful million dollar+ InfoProduct businesses.

In the process, I’ve learned some powerful lessons, have made some doozy mistakes, and have had some amazing successes.

And along the way I have developed systems and maps that can help anybody create a profitable InfoProducts business!

And right now, I’m putting together a program to do help YOU do just that.

It’s a very small, limited enrollment, 8-week pilot program – made up of people who I will personally mentor to help them build their own successful businesses.

And I’m purposely keeping this group small to maximize the attention I can give to every single participant.


This program is designed to help each member:

  • Identify and create their own information product (one of the easiest and fastest ways to build a profitable business in today’s environment)
  • Develop all of the marketing materials and systems necessary to promote and sell that product
  • Promote that product to build their own successful information-product business.

Key Program Focuses

My goal:
to build 15 successful businesses in t
he next 8 weeks.


If you’d like yours to be one of those successful businesses, let me introduce you to the InfoProduct Success Template TM program that I’ve created for this unique, small pilot group.

The goal of this program is to help you identify and create an information product that you can sell for $97 or higher, create all of the webpages, squeeze pages, autoresponders, marketing pieces and checkout pages to sell that product, and to create a promotional system to send a steady stream of traffic through the sales process.

Plus, if you notice, this product is called the InfoProduct Success “Template” not “Course” or “Club.” That’s because what you’re going to get is not just a one-time thing. It’s a templated system you can use over and over again to produce more and more products to build your business to even higher levels!


Potentially giving you years, even decades, of future success and profits.


And when I say that I’m going to hold your hand, I mean it. I’m not going to just tell you what to do, I’m going to show you how to do it by modeling the process for you, as I create a product of my own during the cours
e, including all of the sales materials and the promotional system to support it (all of which I will give to you to use as models for your own courses!)

So, you’ll get to watch and model exactly what I’m doing and how I’m doing it as you create the same thing yourself!

Sound interesting? It will be!


At this point, I need to make one thing very clear – I don’t want you to just buy this program and never do anything with it. The money only comes from acting on it. I want you to “just go do this stuff” and turn it into bottom-line profits…

So I’ve devised an amazing incentive to help you turn the InfoProduct Success TemplateTM program into action:

In addition to great information, you’ll also be given homework assignments that will, when you do them, result in your creation of a fully-developed infoproduct and promotional system!

And, each time you complete an assignment or do other activities in the course you earn points.

At the end of the 8 weeks,

EVERYONE who earns at least 75% of the possible points
gets to come to Racine Wisconsin,
and spend an entire day in a group consulting/training session
with me in my home office!

So, simply stated, if you do the homework assignments, (i.e. if you work the program) you’ll earn the right to be able to come to my office and spend the day in a powerful group masterminding/training day with me!

I normally charge clients $20,000 for a one-on-one session at my home, and $7,500 for a group mastermind session, but you will be able to earn that right for free,  (you’ll pay your own travel and housing costs,) just by doing the work to create and promote your own business!


So you win in multiple different ways!

(As you can see, I’m totally serious about helping you achieve success!)



Would you like to be one of the 15 successful businesses I’ll build in these next 8 weeks?

I’m sure you would! But, I’m going to be really blunt with you. This program isn’t for everyone, in fact, it’s not right for 99% of everyone who reads this.
It’s only right if you’re someone who:

  • Wants to create your own successful information product business so badly that your teeth ache.
  • Is willing to actually DO the WORK that it takes to create it.There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick-with-no-effort program, and this certainly IS NOT IT. You are the creator of your own future, it’s up to you to decide what you want then to do what it takes to achieve your goals.
  • Are willing and able to carve out, no matter what else happens in your life, at least 4 hours per week for the next 8 weeks to do the work.And, are willing to do what it takes to get the important people in your life to support, encourage and reward you for spending those 4 hours every single week!
  • Are willing to complete and turn in the homework assignments associated with the course.
  • Already owns a computer and have at least $1,000 in cash, in addition to what you invest in this program, that you can invest to get this business running like a well-oiled machine (Don’t worry, I’ll show you the best ways to spend that cash)
  • Recognizes that there are no guarantees in life. That, even though I will do everything I can within the scope of this program to help you succeed, it is the work you put in, the quality of your ideas and how well you execute the program that determines whether you succeed in this or not.

Like I said, this program isn’t for everyone.

In fact, if you’re NOT one of those people, this particular program is NOT for you. Perhaps something else I offer in the future will be.

Leave now, QUICKLY, no hard feelings.



Here’s the way the course will work:

It’s divided into four modules:

  1. The InfoProduct Creation FormulaTM – where you’ll learn how to, and actually start creating your own InfoProduct. Each of the key takeaways and outcomes (the boxes below) are shown in this diagram:

    You’ll notice that the first graphic mentions a free trial – more on that in a minute!

  2.  The InfoProduct Marketing SystemTM – where you’ll learn how to, and actually start creating all of the marketing pages, squeeze pages, videos, autoresponders and systems you’ll need to sell your product (don’t worry, I’m going to show you drop-dead-simple tools you can use to do this, even if you’re not very good on the computer!)
  3. The InfoProduct Promotion ModelTM – where you’ll learn how to, and create an InfoProduct Marketing SystemTM marketing plan designed to drive a steady stream of traffic into your marketing materials to build your sales and profits!
  4. The InfoProduct Success GameplanTM – where we’ll finish executing everything you’ve learned and done in the first 3 modules, answer your questions, and teach you techniques to kick everything up another notch.



So, the entire course fits together into one big whole like this:


Program Outline Vertical

Each module lasts 2 weeks and begins with a Success Builder WebinarTM where you will

  • Receive step-by-step training to guide you to successfully achieving that module’s goals
  • Receive your homework assignments and potential point earnings table
  • Be able to get your immediate questions answered

(These calls will be recorded and placed into the program portal for you to review and watch later if you couldn’t make the call.)

During the second week of each module, we will hold a Process Navigator WebinarTM where I will spend as much time as necessary to answer your questions.

So, for each module you get two webinars:

  1. The Success Builder WebinarTM where you learn step-by-step what to do and how to do it,
  2. And the Process Navigator WebinarTM where I answer all of your questions.


Now, while the InfoProduct Success Template program is perfect for anyone who is just getting started in business, it will also be hugely beneficial for those of you who are already running your own business, but who wish to add additional InfoProducts and sales systems into your business plan. Let’s put it this way – this program is basic enough for newbies, yet packed with advanced information for those who have existing businesses.


Let’s review – here’s what you get by signing up for the InfoProduct Success Template:

  1. Everything you need to create, market and promote your InfoProducts to the world!
  2. 8 weeks of small, intimate group training directly from me
  3. Homework assignments specifically designed to help you create a powerful, long-term business
  4. The opportunity, by completing your homework assignments and other projects, to earn a full day masterminding with me in my home office

That’s a great value!


But just to make things more interesting, I’m going to throw in the following bonuses:

  1. If you’re one of the first 10 people to invest, you’ll receive a one-hour one-on-one phone or skype consulting session directly with me after module 3, where we will laser-focus on your product, marketing materials and promotional plan. (A $2500 value!)
  2. Access to the product I create during this course, the marketing pieces and the InfoProduct Marketing SystemTM marketing plan I create for that product, so that you can model your program on it! (A $1,000 value!)

So how much will this cost you?

Before I answer that question, I invite you to consider how much it would be worth to you to have:

  • A finished InfoProduct you could sell for $97 or more, day in and day out, for years!
  • All of the sales materials, webpages and systems you need created and ready to earn you cash!
  • A promotional plan set up and working to drive a steady, consistent stream of willing buyers into your sales process day after day, year after year.

Would that be worth $100,000 to you? $500,000? A million? More?

People who work with me are urging me to sell this program for $10,000, then take a percentage of everything my students sell in the future.

And that may well happen in future versions of this product.

But, since this is a pilot program,
and I really want to give some people who are truly committed,
but not able to make a significant investment,
the chance to work with me to get their business growing,
I’ve decided to charge a mere fraction of that amount.

Just $1497. One time, no percentage of sales.

That’s it. That’s my offer.

I respect your time, so I’m not going to play mind games with you, trying to convince you to invest in this program.

If you’re the right kind of person for this course, and if you are willing to invest what it takes to make this work for you, then you already know it.

Simply click the button below to get started right now!

Let’s work together to build YOUR business


Invest in your future, right now, by clicking here:

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P.S. Don’t forget – the first 10 people who invest get one-on-one consulting with me, so don’t hesitate – now’s the time to make up your mind!