The 10 Commandments Of Twitter Posting

After watching many people do incredibly stupid things on Twitter, the following 10 commandments are key to Twitter success:

10 Commandments of Twitter Posting

1. Thou shalt consider thy Twitter followers to be one of thy most important assets – use it wisely and don’t abuse it.

2. Thou shalt add value in (almost) everything thou choosest to post.

3. Thou shalt not tweet thy love life, sleeping habits, sexual conquests, lunch plans, upcoming date, bodily functions, or anything else that doesn’t add value to the lives of your following.

4. Thou shalt not complain – people don’t like whiners in real life, they certainly won’t follow you online if you do.

5. Thou shalt post 50 value-adding posts for every “buy my stuff” post you make.

6. Unless your audience is following you because of your views on these subjects, thou shalt not post about politics, religion or sex.

7. Thou shalt not complain about thy customers, bosses, or your company on Twitter – they’re listening!

8. Thou shalt not post secrets on Twitter. That makes them not be secrets anymore.

9. Thou shalt not be stupid on Twitter.

10. Thou shalt think before posting!

Agree? Disagree with any of these. Should we have 11, 12 or more? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

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