How to Publish a Kindle eBook Today that Sells like Gangbusters

Create your Kindle eBook

In this newly updated Advanced Kindle Formatting Webinar you'll discover how to…

  1. Get an Amazon Digital Text Platform account so you can start publishing immediately
  2. Use material already on your hard drive to create your first Kindle ebook
  3.  Quickly make an attractive ebook cover
  4.  Actual steps in formatting and publishing your first ebook including where to get and how to use free software to put professional formatting touches in all your Kindle books including how to:
    • Make your ebook navigable with the Kindle “Go To” feature
    • Include an “active” Table of Contents
    • Properly use images and graphics in your kindle books (yes, it is possible)
    • Pricing strategies so you squeeze the most profit out of each title I'll even take up it up a level in the marketing and sales department by showing you effective new strategies for selling more of your Kindle books with less effort.

Join Daniel Hall and me on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5 pm Mountain/4 pm Pacific.


Daniel HallDaniel Hall is a bestselling author, speaker, publisher, nurse, attorney and sometimes blogger. He is also the creator of the highly popular “Real Fast” brand of training products. He left law practice 8 years ago to build his publishing business and has never looked back. Daniel is a true serial entrepreneur and his list of URLs is longer than a piece of paper, so you can check out Daniel’s hub at www.DanielHallPresents.com.



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