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How to Build Your Business with Pinterest

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Thanks for your interest in my How To Build Your Business With Pinterest webinar. In that webinar we had an amazing discussion where I shared an incredible amount of practical, detailed information on how to build your business with Pinterest.

Included in that were three key step-by-step money-making systems you'll want to use in your own business:
1. Building Search Engine Positioning With Pinterest
2. How To Make Pins Go Viral
3. Using Tip Images To Build Your Business With Pinterest

People were so excited about these that they asked me to put a copy of each of these systems diagrams and the replay up on my blog.

I'll make you a deal – I'll give you all of that information if you'll agree to do just a couple of simple things: watch the video then “just go do this stuff” to build your business!

Oh, and tell me what you think about it by leaving a comment below, Liking, sharing and tweeting this post, and pinning the pictures.


Here they are!

Don Crowther

Systems Diagrams:
Building Search Engine Positioning With Pinterest1. Building Search Engine Positioning With Pinterest



How To Make Pins Go Viral2. How To Make Pins Go Viral



Use Tip Images To Build Your Business With Pinterest3. Using Tip Images To Build Your Business With Pinterest



How to Build your Business with Pinterest presented by Don Crowther



Webinar Notes Handout:




Building your Business with Pinterest Slides



Slides From Webinar




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PinIncome Module 1: The Foundation

The Foundation of PinterestThough Pinterest is simple to use and understand on the surface, marketers must understand certain key elements in order to not only build their business but also to avoid key mistakes that can hurt, or even destroy, their business online. This module focuses on the foundation:

bull6How to get started with Pinterest

bull6How to set up Pinterest boards to generate more traffic and clicks

bull6The best ways to monetize Pinterest

bull6How to stay out of trouble by avoiding the things you can't and shouldn't do on Pinterest

bull6The key rules, traditions and norms you need to abide by to build an audience and your business through Pinterest without offending the pinning community

bull6Other similar sites that you should pay attention to, like Facebook's Pinterest knockoff and the male version, Manteresting.com

bull6Pinterest's legal issues and risk, including a sure-fire way to avoid being sued for copyright infringement because you posted images for which others held the copyright. In short, don't get caught up in the argument against using Pinterest because of the legal risk just – follow this rule to keep yourself and your business safe!

bull6How to use Pinterest Business Pages to build your business

PinIncome Module 2: Getting FollowersGetting Followers

Though Pinterest visitors can see images posted by anyone, most of the views and traffic you will get will come from those who actively follow you on Pinterest. This module focuses on key strategies to get more followers and to get those people who follow to pay attention to your pins, repin them, to click through to your site, and to buy your stuff, including:

bull6How to capitalize on your existing traffic to your website, blog and email newsletters to build your Pinterest following and to pin more images

bull6How strategically following other people can help to build the number of people who follow you, and how to identify who those key people are who you should be following

PinIncome Module 3: Profitable Pinning Strategies

Profitable Pinning Strategy for Pinterest

Most of the profit made from Pinterest happens in two ways: 1. Pinning content that other people will want to like, repin and click on, and 2. Creating great images and content that other people want to repin. We'll cover #2 in Module 4, but Module 3 focuses on active strategies you can use to pin images, organize them, and attract attention to your pins to create amazing results, including:

bull6How to utilize multiple Pinterest boards to attract and build solid relationships with highly targeted segments of your audience

bull6Why it's a mistake to focus only on your product and how to build lifestyle positionings that expand your following, get more attention and repins, and create rabid fans out of people who would never have paid attention to a pure hard sales message

bull6How to use Pinterest and multiple boards to overcome objections and provide information to handle customer concerns before they ever visit your site

bull6How to pin videos and why you get a huge advantage over other pinners every time you pin a video

bull6How to rapidly create boards and build followers by repinning images posted by others

bull6How to create images and descriptions that are specifically designed to get people to click through to your website. This is something that almost nobody considers, but which adds huge results to any pinning strategy!

bull6How to hard-sell products and services using Pinterest. Though you won't do this all the time, a small percentage of your pins should hard-sell people on buying your products. Here are the best practices for hard-selling using pinned images.

PinIncome Module 4: Getting Pinned

Getting Your Pictures Pinned on PinterestThe second avenue to success (you definitely should be doing both!) is to consistently create great content that other people want to pin, both in the quality of the image and in the quality of the content to which people will link. This module focuses on how to get more people to pin more of your images, including:

bull6How to embed Pin this buttons by your images, including WordPress plugins that handle that task automatically

bull6Types of images that people pin most frequently once you understand what peope are pinning most, you're more likely to be able to create them yourself!

bull6How to create quotation images in minutes, sometimes seconds. You've seen them: motivational quotes that tons of people love to repin and post to their Facebook profiles. Here's how to create great quotes quickly, easily and inexpensivel

bull6The power of infographics, those images that graphically portray information through charts, icons and words.

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What would that mean to your business? To your bottom line? To your lifestyle?

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