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SEO Essentials – What’s Working Now!

Google Search Engine Rankings – What’s Working Now In SEO   A recent study by SearchMetrics recently set out to scientifically measure what drives top Google search engine rankings today. The results once again confirmed exactly what I have been teaching over the last year: That social media is a major source of top search […]

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How To Use Google Hangout Broadcasts To Build Your Business

Are you aware that anyone (you!) can now broadcast live to YouTube through Google Hangouts? Think about the impact of that. You can now use the technology of Google Hangouts to record live action video, from several different locations if you wish, combine it all into a single broadcast, and have it stream to an […]

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2013 Social Media Strategy Part 4: Google+

Is Google + still an up and coming Social Network? I think it can be–people just need to learn how to use it correctly. As part of our social media strategy series for 2013, let’s take a look at how Google + can be beneficial to your business. Google Plus Tips Research the Pros – Notice that users […]

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2013 Social Media Strategy Part 2: Sharable Content

With the new year around the corner it’s time for a social media strategy for 2013. If you missed the first part of the strategy, take a look  here: 2013 Social Media Strategy Part 1: Social Audit. Here is another part of your social media strategy that you need to take a look at for […]

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