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5 Reasons You Must Use Video in Your Social Media

Bold statement: If you’re not using video in your social media, you’re Making a huge mistake Being penny wise and pound foolish Not truly understanding where social media is, and where it’s going. Choose any two. First there was the radio, an experience that was eventually improved and  enhanced (some say) by the invention of […]

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Understanding Chinese Social Media

How much do you know about China and the state of social media there? Let’s put it this way, if you think that North Americans dominate social media, you’re wrong. The first thing you need to know about Chinese Social Media is that it is big. As in, big big!  Think one billion registered users […]

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3 Key Ways To Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Much has been said lately about Facebook and their cavalier approach to privacy that clearly appears to be profit-, rather than community-oriented. Other than saying that they may want to try drinking their own kool-aid and conversing rather than forcing, I’m not going to deal with that here. What we should focus on is the […]

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5 Ways To Get Tons of Traffic To Old Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way to show off fresh content. They attract Google spiders and readers alike with their hot-off-the-press posts. But what happens to a blog post when it’s lukewarm-off-the-press, or even a few weeks “cold?” Should you just leave it there in the archives to rot? Or are there ways to drive tons […]

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